• Third Medium-Term
    Management Plan

  • Launched "Overseas
    Prepaid Card GAICA"

  • Arranged a syndicated
    loan for a wood biomass power generation business
    in Akita-shi, Akita

  • Launched NISA Plus, an investment trust application program

  • Arranged project finance
    for mega solar projects in seven locations in Japan utilizing trust schemes

  • Established Japan Senior Living Partners Co., Ltd, a REIT asset management company aimed at founding a healthcare REIT

  • Entered ATM partnerships with major convenience store chains such as LAWSON and FamilyMart

  • Formed Shinsei Principal Investments Group

  • Formed a business
    alliance with Culture Convenience Club Co., Ltd. to award T Points to users of Shinsei Bank’s fi nancial services

  • Started Go Remit Overseas Remittance Service

  • Second Medium-Term
    Management Plan

  • Commenced unsecured personal card loan service under the Lake brand

  • Listed the Bank’s common shares on the First Section of the Tokyo

  • Name changed from The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, Limited, to Shinsei Bank, Limited

  • New bank launched