Directors and Executive Officers

Shigeru Kani (Date of Birth: September 20, 1943)

Shigeru Kani

Outside Director


  • Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited
  • Specially Appointed Professor,
    Yokohama College of Commerce

As of July 15, 2016


In order to realize the full strength of the Shinsei Bank Group through the integration of it various businesses, through the Third Medium Term Management Plan which was commenced this year, the Group is engaging in efforts to provide innovative products and services through the integration of its Group companies as it seeks to become a Bank Group which is trusted by all its stakeholders.
In order to achieve this, the Group must both pursue its strategy of selection and concentration through which it seeks to allocate the management resources of the entire Group in a focused manner as well as engage in efforts to achieve prioritized, efficient management to enable the Bank to swiftly respond to any changes which may develop in the external business environment.

Additionally, the full synergistic expression of the expertise of all employees of the Shinsei Bank Group in a closely collaborative manner will be crucial in our pursuit of the 3rd Medium Term Management Plan. I believe that by unceasingly engaging in such efforts we will be able to satisfy the meets of our customers, which in turn will benefit the Group in the form of increasing stable, sustainable revenues.

All outside directors including myself will continue to strive to contribute to the execution of the Plan in line with its original purposes through the monitoring of the Groupís operations from both compliance and validity perspectives and by proactively providing opinions and advice to those responsible for business execution.

All officers and employees of the Shinsei Bank Group are committed to the pursuit of the goals of the Plan. I am deeply appreciative of the support we have received from our stakeholders thus far and hope we will be able to continue to enjoy it.


April 2014 Specially Appointed Professor,
Yokohama College of Commerce (Current)
April 2006 Professor, Yokohama College of Commerce
June 2004 Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited (Current)
April 2002 Advisor, NEC Corporation
May 1999 Executive Managing Director, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
May 1996 Director, Administration Department, The Bank of Japan
May 1992 Executive Auditor and Senior Advisor to the Chairman,
The Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange
(Predecessor of Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc.)
April 1966 Joined The Bank of Japan

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