Directors and Executive Officers

Shigeru Kani (Date of Birth: September 20, 1943)

Shigeru Kani

Outside Director


  • Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited

As of April 1, 2018


The main focus of the third MTMP is to enhance sustainable and stable core profitability by leveraging the Shinsei Bank Groupís overall capabilities and creativity. I think the MTMPís first year developed the base for the Group to further solidify the ties binding us together so we can maximize synergies across both our businesses and business management.

Specifically, we are allocating a higher weighting of resources to fields where the Group has advantages and is uniquely situated by applying "selection and concentration" tests to our businesses. At the same time, in terms of business management, we are orienting the Groupís considerable mobility and adaptability in ways that enable us to take various steps to improve cost efficiency in particular.

As outside directors, we ask questions and offer suggestions from multiple viewpoints to executive officers through venues such as meetings of the Board of Directors as we closely monitor execution of the MTMP. If there is scope to further ensure reliable execution of the MTMP, we encourage executive officers to pursue such opportunities resolutely.

In the MTMPís second year, putting that into practice will require delving deeper. Amid a still challenging financial environment, the Group is doing everything it can to ensure all its employees are unified and pushing in the same direction as they work to increase corporate value by securing stable earnings. I appreciate the support the Shinsei Bank Group has received from all our stakeholders and ask for their continued support.


April 2014 Specially Appointed Professor, Yokohama College of Commerce
April 2006 Professor, Yokohama College of Commerce
June 2004 Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited (Current)
April 2002 Advisor, NEC Corporation
May 1999 Executive Managing Director, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
May 1996 Director, Administration Department, The Bank of Japan
May 1992 Executive Auditor and Senior Advisor to the Chairman,
The Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange
(Predecessor of Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc.)
April 1966 Joined The Bank of Japan

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