Directors and Executive Officers

Jun Makihara (Date of Birth: January 15, 1958)

Jun Makihara

Outside Director


  • Director, Monex Group, Inc.
  • Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited
  • Director, Philip Morris International Inc.

As of July 15, 2016


The bank has now completed its first year under the leadership of our new President, Mr. Hideyuki Kudo. It has been a year with many changes and significant volatility in the markets. In this environment, we announced our Third Medium Term Management Plan, which builds on the progress we made in the last few years repairing our balance sheet and building a capital cushion.
The focus going forward is on closely integrating the Bank’s businesses to become significantly more efficient and focusing our efforts where we have a competitive advantage and where we anticipate growth. In other words, we are transitioning from “rebuilding” to “efficient growth.”

We have no illusions that this will be an easy task. The market for banking services is very competitive, and the macroeconomic environment has many unfavorable elements, including negative interest rates and slowing growth. On the other hand, the opportunity to offer new and creative solutions that meet the needs of individual and corporate clients has never been greater.

Shinsei is fortunate to have a board with a diverse set of skills and experience, encompassing finance and M&A, consumer retail, technology, and regulation, all important elements of the Bank’s strategy. We will continue to use these skills to support President Kudo and his team execute their growth strategy.


September 2014 Director, Philip Morris International Inc. (Current)
June 2011 Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited (Current)
June 2006 Director, Monex Group, Inc. (Current)
July 2000 Chairman of the Board, Neoteny Co., Ltd.
November 1996 Co-Branch Manager, Goldman Sachs Japan, Ltd.
November 1992 Partner, Goldman Sachs & Co.
September 1981 Joined Goldman Sachs & Co.

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