How to Use the Site

For the First Time Visitors to our Website

This page provides information to the first time visitors to our "IR/Corporate" site. Please see the "Individual" site for services to individual customers, and the "Institutional" site for institutional customers.


Icons Meanings
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How to Print the Pages

How to Print the Pages

To print the screen displayed, click the "PRINT" button on the upper right of the screen.

How to Search

If you are unable to find the information you are looking for, please try the following methods.

Search by using the search engine within the site

Search by using the search engine within the site

Type the keyword you would like to search for into the search field on the upper right of the page and click the "search" button. Pages that contain the keyword you input will be displayed in the search results.

Search from the site map

Search from the site map

You can see the whole structure of "IR/Corporate" pages as a list by clicking "Site Map" at the top of the page.

About RSS

Shinsei Bank provides its news release information using RSS 2.0 (RSS/XML) format. By bookmarking the URLs below in your RSS reader, you can automatically receive the latest news releases without accessing our websites.

  • *Please note that Shinsei Bank reserves the right to cancel the service or change the URLs without notifying users.
  • *Shinsei Bank does not handle questions or inquiries about the function or use of RSS reader software or applications provided by a third party.

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Please check the version of your Internet browser. The following environment is recommended for convenient use of this site.



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Java Script Settings

This site is optimally viewed when Java Script is set to "ON." If some contents such as news releases are not correctly displayed, please check the Java Script settings of the browser.

About pop-up window control

The log-in screen for PowerDirect Internet banking may not be displayed, if pop-up windows are controlled by Google tool bars, virus protection software, or browser settings. Please deactivate pop-up window control in such cases.

About PDF documents

Some documents we provide will require Adobe Acrobat Reader. You can download the Acrobat Reader free of any charge from Adobe Systems Incorporated.


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