Shinsei IR Day

Dear valued stakeholder,

Six months have now passed since the Shinsei Bank Group implemented the
Third MTMP from the beginning of fiscal year 2016.
In the time since we embarked upon the Plan,
we have seen numerous changes in the business environment.

While we have already engaged in efforts to convey the strategy of the Third MTMP, I, as well as the entire management team of the Group, feel it is of great importance that we communicate to our stakeholders not only our strategy, but provide a comprehensive view of our business including business progression and future developments in order to facilitate engagement between the management of the Bank Group and its stakeholders.
As part of our efforts to achieve this, I am pleased to announce that we will host the fiscal year 2016 Shinsei IR Day. The details of the event are as follows:

I would be honored if you would join me as well as other top executives responsible for the oversight of our businesses as we seek to provide detailed updates of our performance as well as shed light on the future strategic direction of the Shinsei Bank Group.


Hideyuki Kudo
President and Chief Executive Officer
Shinsei Bank, Limited

Time and Date
Afternoon of
(a detailed schedule will be provided at a later date)
Event Type
Webinar event
(site details will be provided at a later date)