Risk Management


Shinsei Bank has identified risk management as one of its most important management issues, and the Bank has undertaken various measures to strengthen risk management frameworks. These include improvements of our various committees and further empowerment of their functions, and the establishment of a system of checks and balances conducted by units that are completely independent of other units of the Bank. From fiscal year 2016, in line with the termination of the Bank’s former group system, the system of checks and balances is being further strengthened by the separation of the former Risk Management Group into (i) credit analysis units that are responsible for conducting credit checks and management as part of the system of checks and balances on the Bank’s sales staff, and (ii) a unit responsible for overall oversight of risk management including the establishment of a system for managing the various risks, monitoring of credit management, and the measurement and analysis of credit, market, and other risks.
The credit analysis units thoroughly discuss risk management policies for products and sectors as well as policies for transactions with individual companies in order to make decisions in an appropriate and speedy manner. The overall risk oversight units tasked with honing our portfolio-specific risk management methods and frameworks and further developing the Bank’s risk culture. Together, the two new units will continue to strengthen the Bank’s risk management.

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