ATM Worldwide

The convenient and secure way to access your funds when abroad.

Approximately over 2 million ATMs in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.

You can use cash dispensers/ATMs provided by Visa Worldwide showing the symbol.*1

(quote from VISA's website as of September 2014.)

For the latest ATM information, please check VISA's website.

Service details

The amount of cash withdrawn (in local currency) will be deducted from your PowerFlex Yen saving account, not from your foreign currency saving account.Cash withdrawal limit is up to JPY 100,000 yen per day. This limit can be set JPY 0 or up to JPY 100,000.
The balance displayed is your Yen savings account balance calculated in local currency.
  • *There are some ATMs and Cash Dispensers that cannot handle balance inquiries, and some ATMs and Cash Dispensers that display the balance in Japanese Yen.
The exchange rate for the overseas withdrawal will be based on that applied by Visa Worldwide, with a 4% fee added.
Please note that we cannot inform you of the yen exchange rate, as it is not disclosed in advance.
  • *1You may not be able to use some cash dispensers or ATMs with the symbol in the event of a failure in the Bank's computer system or if connections are disrupted.
    Credit cards issued in Japan cannot be used at Japanese ATMs even if they have the symbol.
    When you use the International Cash Service abroad, we recommend that you change your PIN on your return to Japan.

Cash dispensers/ATMs may levy a charge depending on the financial institution providing the cash dispenser/ ATM in some countries.