Top FAQs International Customers
Q: How can I check my balance? [Back to Questions]
You can check your balance and transactions through Shinsei PowerDirect (bilingual online banking). Also available through Shinsei PowerCall (telephone banking). Both are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Q: Can I pay bills from my account? [Back to Questions]
  Yes, you can.
You can pay your regular bills (e.g., utility bills), either by Shinsei PowerDirect (online banking), or by using automatic payments.

Pay online
Shinsei PowerDirect allows you to make 1 - 10 FREE domestic transfers per month, to pay rent or make online purchases, etc. (depending on your account balance).
Pay by automatic transfer.
Please apply at your nearest Bank Branch or contact us at Shinsei PowerCall to set up the automatic payment of utilities (you will need a copy of your latest invoice). For payment of credit cards, mobile phones and other bills, please contact the respective companies for instructions.
Q: How can I arrange to have my salary deposited into my PowerFlex account? [Back to Questions]
  Please contact the division responsible for salary payment at your company. Inform them of your Shinsei Bank account number, account name, branch name, branch code, and bank code.

Shinsei Bank's bank code is 0397.
Please ensure that you quote your registered account name for ALL remittances. If the account name quoted for a remittance differs in any way from your registered account name, the remittance will not be deposited into your account.
Q: How do I invest in foreign currencies? [Back to Questions]
  You can invest in foreign currencies at / through the following:

Shinsei PowerDirect (24 hours a day, 365 days a year online banking)
Shinsei PowerCall (24 hours a day, 365 days a year telephone banking)
Shinsei Financial Center
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Q: Can I get a bank certificate issued in English? [Back to Questions]
  Yes, you can.
You can apply to have a bank certificate sent to you in English through the mail.

    How to apply:
Please call and ask for a bank certificate.
    How long it will take for the bank certificate to be issued:
It may take approximately about a week.
    Details on bank certificates:
Balances which are recorded on the bank certificate are those of your savings accounts (all currencies1), PowerYokin, Time Deposits (all currencies1), structured deposits and debentures.
    1. Foreign currency balances will be recorded in their respective currencies.
In case you have a balance of a mutual fund, it will be appended by an attached paper.
Home Mortgages and variable annuities will not be stated.