About GoRemit

Need to send funds overseas? Learn more about GoRemit.

What is GoRemit?

What is GoRemit?

The GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service is an easy-to use International Remittance Service that lets you transfer funds overseas for just JPY2,000* with the ease of making a domestic transfer.

  • For remittances in Japanese Yen, an additional fee of 0.1% of the remittance amount (minimum charge of ¥1,500) will be charged in addition to the ¥2,000 remittance charge.

The Benefits of Choosing GoRemit

image:Free to sign up!

Free to sign up!

With GoRemit, there are no fees to register or maintain your account. You only pay when you send money!

image:Great Value!

Great Value!

Foreign Currency remittances are just JPY2,000 per remittance.*
Japanese Yen remittances** are subject to an additional charge of 0.1% of the amount sent (minimum charge of JPY1,500).

  • Intermediary and beneficiary bank charges may apply.
  • Remittances sent without conversion to a foreign currency.
image:Quick and Easy!

Quick and Easy!

Once your registration is complete, simply make a domestic transfer to GoRemit's designated collection account via ATM* or Internet Banking. GoRemit then completes the overseas remittance.

  • Some ATMs may not offer the domestic transfer feature.
image:Bilingual Telephone Support!

Bilingual Telephone Support!

We offer telephone support in both Japanese and English. Have any questions or concerns? Our experienced bilingual call center staff will help you with whatever you need!

Worldwide Remittances!

With GoRemit, you can send funds to a wide range of over 170 countries worldwide.

12 Currencies Available!

GoRemit currently offers 12 currencies for overseas remittances (restrictions exist on where certain currencies can be sent).

Daily Exchange Rates!

You can check our daily exchange rates* on our website, or have them e-mailed to you directly!

  • Rates are fixed at 10:00am and valid until 3:00pm (Weekdays only).


You can register as many beneficiaries as you need at no extra cost!

How GoRemit Overseas Remittances WorkEFees

GoRemit sends international wire transfers (remittances) via a system called SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication). Funds are sent to an Intermediary Bank before being sent to the final beneficiary bank in the destination country (Depending on the beneficiary bank, it may be necessary to send funds via more than one Intermediary Bank).

Overseas Remittance Flow Chart

Overseas Remittance Flow Chart

Types of fees

Shinsei Bank Foreign Currency Remittances: JPY2,000*
Yen Remittances: JPY2,000 + 0.1% of the remittance amount (Minimum charge of JPY1,500)
Intermediary Bank Fee depends on currency/destination**
Beneficiary Bank Fees may or may not be deducted upon arrival (depends on Beneficiary Bank)**
  • Exchange rate fees are included in the TTS rate for that day.
  • In general, we are not able to advise customers of overseas bank fees in advance.

Flow from Application to Remittance



Register your personal and remittance destination details by submitting an application form and supporting ID and My Number documents.


Receive your "Registration Letter"

Once your application is complete, your Welcome Pack will be sent to your home address.* Your Welcome Pack contains your "Registration Letter, which shows your registered details, as well as our domestic collection account to send funds to.

  • Your Welcome Pack is sent by non-forwardable restricted delivery mail, which must be collected by you in person.


Transfer of Remittance Amount

Transfer the total amount of remittance amount in JPY (including remittance fee) from your Japanese Bank Account* to GoRemit's designated collection account (Business Users must send a separate remittance request via our Online Service or by FAX).

  • Funds must be sent from an account in the registered user's name. Remittances from a third party cannot be accepted.



GoRemit will transfer funds overseas after exchanging the amount to the selected foreign currency* at that day's TTS exchange rate. Once the transfer has been sent, you will receive a notice called an "Advice of Transfer" containing all of the remittance details.**

  • If you have selected the currency of remittance as JPY, funds will be sent without conversion.
  • This is not a notice of arrival of funds at the overseas account. Funds may take 1-3 business days to arrive.


Arrival of Funds

Funds will arrive at the final beneficiary bank after being processed via an intermediary bank.*

  • Overseas Intermediary Bank and final Beneficiary Bank fees may be deducted from the remittance amount.