Fund Transfers


  1. Input 10-digit number on your cash card.
    (3-digit of branch number and 7-digit of account number)
  2. Input your PIN (4-digit)
  3. Input your Shinsei PowerDirect password.
  4. Tap "LOGIN"


Tap button , then the menu will be shown.


Select "Transfer" .


  1. Confirm the following information: "Debit Account" (your Yen savings balance) and "Remitter" (your name).
  2. Confirm the "Daily Domestic Funds Transfer Limit".
    *You can make a fund transfer within your limit.
  3. Confirm Remitter's information When you need to input remitter's information such as invoice number, please input within 15 letters in this column. You can show this information before or after the remitter's name by selecting the button.
  4. Confirm "Outgoing Funds Transfer Fee - remainder of monthly reimbursement" .
  5. Please select the beneficiary.
  6. Tap "Next".


  1. Select the beneficiary bank from the dropdown list and tap "Next".
  2. If your beneficiary bank is not listed in the drop-down menu, enter the first letter of the beneficiary bank in Japanese hiragana and click the "Search" button.


Search the branch name where you transfer funds


Select the branch name from the pull down menu and tap "Next".


Input the beneficiary information and please tap "Next" .

  • Please select the account type from the pull down menu.
    =Futsu Yokin (Savings account),
    =Toza Yokin (Checking account),
    =Chochiku Yokin(Savings Deposit).
  • Please input the 7 digits beneficiary account number. (If the account number is 6 digits, please put 0 on the start. If the account number is 5 digits, please put 00 before the account number) .
  • Please input the beneficiary name in hiragana.


Input the amount you would like to transfer and tap "Next" .


A notice stating that the transaction has been accepted will be displayed.

Confirm your remittance request and if they are OK, please press "Next".


Security Certification check.

  1. Input the three different corresponding letters or numeric characters on the security code card.
  2. Tap "Certification"


Now your fund transfer has been completed.

Internet banking

Toll-free 0120-456-8580120-456-858 (24hrs/365days)

Push *77 for English Speaking Operator