PowerSmart Home Mortgage
Download all of your PowerSmart Home Mortgage starter kit documents online.

Please follow the simple steps below.
Please download and print a copy of the application
Application Form
(PDF file - 175KB)
The application form is divided into two sheets. Please send both forms together (even if you don't have a joint guarantor(s), the "Application Pre-Check List" will be needed).
* Contact us in English for further details on PowerSmart Home Mortgage. For Starter Kit in English, please download through web site.
Please refer to the example of completed application form
Example of Completed
Application Form

(PDF file - 907KB)
Send the application form back to us using the following address label (please print it out and paste it on the envelope).
List of necessary documentation for the credit screening process will be sent shortly. Please read through this list carefully and send PHOTO COPIES to us
* Please understand that applications may be rejected on the basis of information submitted on the application form.