Service Fees
Handling fee 108,000 yen*
Guarantee fee, guarantee handling fee FREE
Early repayment in full FREE
Fixed rate conversion 5,400 yen per issue (except for the first time)
Issue of home mortgage balance statement
(at year-end)
Issue of additional home mortgage balance statements
(at other times)
1,080 yen per issue
Reissue of repayment schedule 1,080 yen per issue
For future repayments (not issued for past payments)
Issue of Home Mortgage balance to guarantor / co-signer 1,080 yen per issue
Issue of interest-paid statement 2,160 yen per issue
Issue of principal-paid statement 2,160 yen per issue
* * Handling fee will be 54,000 yen if customers do not apply for "Anshin Pack."
Fees are all inclusive of consumption tax.
Brochures are available at Shinsei Finance Centers and Home Mortgage Centers.