PowerFlex Accounts
Q: What is PowerFlex? [Back to Questions]
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PowerFlex is Shinsei Bank's new integrated account that incurs, no handling costs for the use of ATMs.

Q: What are the advantages of PowerFlex? [Back to Questions]
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By opening a PowerFlex account, you will have access to the following Shinsei Bank services.
1. Yen and foreign currency deposits, debentures and investment trusts.
2. Foreign currency deposits in the 13 currencies: US dollar, Euro, Canadian dollar, Australian dollar, New Zealand dollar, Pounds Sterling, Hong Kong dollar, Singapore dollar, Rand and Norwegian krone, Chinese yuan, the Brazilian real and the Turkish lira. Transactions can be made at exchange rates close to market rates.
3. You can use ATMs of partner banks, such as city banks, Japan Post Bank and Post office ATMs and Seven Bank free of charge (or have handling charges refunded).Partner ATMs also include LAWSON ATMs and Enet ATMs (located in FamilyMart stores etc),
4. You can conduct transactions 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by phone (Shinsei PowerCall) or using the Internet (Shinsei PowerDirect).
5. Free fund transfer via Shinsei PowerDirect (Internet banking) to another financial institution once a month
(Free fund transfers to other financial institutions up to five times a month or ten times a month depending on the relationship between the customer and the Bank)
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Q: Is there an account maintenance fee? [Back to Questions]
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No, there is not.
Should we decide to charge maintenance fee, we will make an announcement.

Q: Why doesn't the Bank have a bankbook like other Japanese banks? [Back to Questions]
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With the PowerFlex account, we have eliminated the hassle of having to carry around the bankbook. Instead of a bankbook and a seal (hanko), transactions are available with your cash card and signature.
Also, inquiry of transactions is available through online banking (Shinsei PowerDirect) for the latest 10 fund transfers. Furthermore, if you wish to view past account statements, please check the e-Statements available via online banking (Shinsei PowerDirect) or the printed account statements.
Please note that we do not issue joint account cash cards.
How to register for e-Statment

Q: Are bank statements available? [Back to Questions]
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Monthly account statement details showing transaction activities such as ATM transactions, asset management transactions, etc. are available for viewing online through our online banking service, Shinsei PowerDirect.
In addition, you can change your monthly report language from Japanese to English contacting PowerCall at 0120-456-022.

If you prefer paper account statements, please do so by following two options.

[By Internet]
Access your PowerDirect page and unsubscribe from the e-mail report. You will then receive your account statements by post from the following month.

[By Phone] Please contact PowerCall at our toll free number 0120-456-022.
How to register for e-Statment

Q: What do you mean by saying the ATM fee is 0 yen? [Back to Questions]
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With a PowerFlex account cash card, you can withdraw cash free of charge at ATMs of Shinsei Bank and Seven Bank located in Seven Bank ATMs, LAWSON ATMs, Enet ATMs (located in FamilyMart stores etc), 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
In addition, CD and ATMs of partner financial institutions* are also available for cash withdrawals free of charge for specified period of time. *Japan Post Bank, Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Mizuho Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corp., Resona Bank, Saitama Resona Bank, etc.
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Q: Under what circumstances are ATM fees 0 yen? [Back to Questions]
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ATM fees are always waived for ALL of our customers. Should we decide to change this, we will make the relevant announcement.
Q: From what timing can I use foreign ATM? [Back to Questions]
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When you open a PowerFlex account, you automatically receive a cash card that includes an international cash service function. With that cash card, you can withdraw cash, from any of the approximately 2.3 million ATMs displaying the VISA or PLUS symbol.

* In accordance with the Individual Number system effective from January 2016, customers who use the international cash service are required to register their Individual Number (also called "My Number") with us.

Please note that overseas ATM withdrawal limit set to JPY 0 as a default setting. Therefore you are not able to use foreign ATM unless you raise the withdrawal limit. The daily withdrawal limit can be changed through Shinsei PowerDirect or call center.

Shinsei PowerCall:
From overseas: +81 3-5954-7763 (There will be a charge to dial this number.)
Toll-free phone number from the US and Canada: 1-866-744-6734

Q: Where can I find ATMs overseas that I can use? [Back to Questions]
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You can find them in the major cities of over 200 countries worldwide.
For further details on locations, please click here.
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Q: Can I arrange automatic debiting to pay utility bills? [Back to Questions]
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Yes. For those accounts with which automatic debiting can be arranged, please click here. If a service is not on the list, please contact 0120-456-022 (24 hours a day, 365 days a year). To make the necessary arrangements, please go to the counter at one of the Shinsei Bank branches, or contact the other party to which you wish to make an automatic debit.
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Q: Can I arrange to have my salary paid into my account? [Back to Questions]
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Yes, if your employer uses Shinsei Bank. Please check with your employer.

Q: What is the bank code for Shinsei Bank?[Back to Questions]
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The bank code for Shinsei Bank is 0397. For branch codes, please click here.

Q: What do I need to bring when I visit one of the Bank's branches to make transaction or to change my account detail ?[Back to Questions]
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Please bring your bank card and your seal in case you registered it with the bank. Please also note that you may need to show your residence card or driving license in some cases.
Customer who wish to use International Cash service or the overseas remittance service are required to notify their Individual Number(also called "My Number". Please clice here for the documents required.