Changing Your Details
Q: I want to change my address. What should I do? [Back to Questions]
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Please contact Shinsei PowerCall (0120-456-022).

Please note that if an account statement which has been sent to the registered address is returned, we may suspend our postal communications with you and other transactions involving you in the interests of protecting your information. Foreign citizens who will leave Japan (nonresidents of Japan) are required to close their account.

In accordance with the Individual Number system effective from January 2016, customers who wish the following services are required to notify the Bank of their Individual Number in advance;

-International Cash service
-Overseas remittance service
-Investment trusts account
-Tax-exempt small-sum savings (Maruyu) , Yen time deposits for educational and succession purposes
-Foreign exchange margin transactions

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Q: I want to change the (4-digit) PIN code for my cash card. What should I do?[Back to Questions]
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To change your PIN code, please call 0120-456-022 (24-hour service).
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Q: When will PIN change be reflected ? [Back to Questions]
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The PIN change will be reflected in 10 to 60 minutes. (In case you change PIN during the night or on holidays, the change will be reflected in the midnight or in next morning depending on the hour.)

To change your PIN, please contact Shinsei Power Call (0120-456-272). You will be required branch code, account number and current PIN on automated voice system.
If you forget PIN, please click here.

For your safety, 4 digit numbers which are easily speculated such as below are not accepted.
  1. Date of birth
    YYYY • YYMM • MMDD are not accepted.
    Example: December 31st, 1950 → "1950" "5012" "1231"
  2. Telephone number
    Consecutive 4 numbers in your telephone number
    Example: 03-9173-8264 → "9173" "8264"
  3. Any consecutive numbers
    Example: "0123" "1234" "2345" etc.
  4. Same numbers
    Example: "0000" "1111" "2222" "0111"
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Q: How can I confirm what phone number I registered with Shinsei Bank, or change the registered phone number ? [Back to Questions]
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Please follow the steps below if you wish to confirm the phone number you have registered with the Bank.
  1. Please contact us at Shinsei PowerCall (0120-456-022). (Please press *3→2 when connected.)
  2. After the caller is verified as the account holder, please tell the phone number you wish to confirm.
  3. The operator will answer if it is registered or not.
  4. If you wish to change your registered phone number (to register additional number is also available), a change form will be sent.
  5. When you receive the form, please fill in your new phone number to be registered, and sign or stamp hanko.
  6. Please send the form back to the Bank. (Identification documents will not be necessary in case of changing only the phone number.)
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