Q: How can I make a withdrawal from my account? [Back to Questions]
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1. You can make a withdrawal (free of charge) from a shinsei bank and partner bank ATM(at Japan Post Banks and Post offices / Seven Bank ATMs, LAWSON ATMs, Enet ATMs (located in FamilyMart stores etc), / all city banks).Please use ATMs for Cash transaction.The initial withdrawal limit per day is 500,000 yen. You can pre-set your daily maximum withdrawal amount from 0 yen to 2,000,000 yen.
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2. You can make a remittance to other banks (free of charge over the Internet)
>>>For Internet banking (Shinsei PowerDirect) click here

Domestic transfer fee to other banks' accounts through Shinsei Power Direct are waived up to 1 time (If you clear some conditions* it will be 5 or 10 free fund transfer per month).

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Q: Is there a limit to the amount I can withdraw? [Back to Questions]
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  In principle, the daily maximum withdrawal permitted is 500,000 yen for Shinsei Bank ATMs and partner bank ATMs. You can preset your daily withdrawal maximum from 0 yen to 2,000,000 yen at online banking (Shinsei PowerDirect), by phone (Shinsei PowerCall) or at a Bank branch.
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Q: Can I make a withdrawal from an overseas ATM? [Back to Questions]
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Yes, you can.

      How it works:
You can make withdrawals at overseas ATMs. Withdrawals will be automatically converted to the local foreign currency from your PowerFlex Yen savings account.
In some cases, there will be charge for the use of some cash dispensers and ATMs.
      Exchange rates:
The exchange rate for the overseas withdrawal will be based on that applied by Visa Worldwide, with a 4% fee added.

ATMs which can be used:
more than 2.3 million ATMs worldwide displaying the VISA or PLUS symbol.
* Please note that overseas ATM withdrawal limit set to JPY 0 as a default setting. Therefore you are not able to use foreign ATM unless you raise the withdrawal limit. The daily withdrawal limit can be changed through Shinsei PowerDirect or call center.
  Shinsei PowerCall:
From overseas: +81 3-5954-7763 (There will be a charge to dial this number.)
Toll-free phone number from the US and Canada: 1-866-744-6734
Toll-free within Japan: 0120-456-022
* Please note that foreign citizens who will leave Japan (nonresidents of Japan) are required to close their account.
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Q: I only have a yen account. Can I withdraw cash in a local currency when I am abroad? [Back to Questions]
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  With a PowerFlex cash card, you can withdraw cash in a local currency, from any of the approximately over 2.3 million ATMs bearing the VISA or PLUS symbol in more than 200 countries and territories around the world.
The amount withdrawn in the local currency will be exchanged into Japanese yen and deducted from your yen savings account. Such withdrawals can only be made if you have sufficient funds in your Yen savings account.
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