When you leave Japan permanently

Closing your account

Closing an account at a branch

If you plan to leave Japan permanently, please visit a branch to close your account in advance.

  • If you have balance on your account, you will be required to transfer it to another Japanese account, withdraw it in JPY at a branch that handles cash, or to make an overseas transfer at least one week before close your account.
  • If you registered a seal instead of your signature, please bring your seal and your cash card when visiting a branch.
  • If you wish to withdraw your account balance in JPY, please visit a branch that handles cash
    (We recommend Tokyo Branch or Head Office).
  • It takes approximately 1 hour to close your account at a branch.

Please be advised that overseas remittances and the account closing procedure CANNOT be done on the same day. If you wish to send funds to an overseas account, please complete this procedure (and confirm that funds have arrived in the overseas account) before applying to close your account.

Closing an account by postal mail

You may be able to close your account by postal mail.

Please contact 0120-456-022 for information about closing accounts.

Please note that if you wish to close your account by postal mail, you will be required to the account details of another Japanese account to transfer your remaining balance to.

Please also note that foreign citizens who will leave Japan (non-residents of Japan) are required to close their account before leaving the country permanently.

For more information, please check