GAICA Flex Prepaid Card

A Visa prepaid card you can use in Japan, online or in a store

Get a card

When applying for a GAICA Flex, you will be required to notify us of your Individual Number ("My Number").

As long as your application is in order, it should take about a week after we receive your application for you to receive your card!

How to get a GAICA Flex Prepaid Card


Login to Shinsei PowerDirect

  1. ⑴ Please visit our JAPANESE website.
  2. ⑵ Please click "ƒƒOƒCƒ“ (Login)" button.
    This will take you to the Japanese Login Page.
  3. ⑶ Please input required information and click "ƒƒOƒCƒ“ (Login)" button.
  1. 1Input the branch code (3 digits) and account number (7 digits) shown on your cash card.
  2. 2Your PIN (4 digits).
  3. 3Your Password.
  4. 4Click Login.
  1. ⑷ Input the three corresponding letters or numbers on your Security Code Card and click "ƒƒOƒCƒ“ (Login)" button.

Move to the "ƒ[ƒ“/ƒJ[ƒh(Loan/Card)" page.

  1. 1Click the "ƒ[ƒ“/ƒJ[ƒh" tab.
  2. 2Click "ŠCŠOƒvƒŠƒyƒCƒhƒJ[ƒhGAICA(\ž)".
  1. 3Please read the "Important information about GAICA Flex prepaid card (Japanese only)". If you agree, please tick the two boxes and click "“―ˆΣ‚΅‚ΔŽŸ‚֐i‚ή" (Agree and continue) to go to the next page.
  1. 4Please check your registered information with Shinsei Bank and if it is correct, please click "\ž" (apply).
  • This is APLUS' website.

Continue the process on the APLUS website.

Move to the APLUS website.

Click "V‹K\ž" (New application) button on the left and follow the procedure. After completed, please click "“o˜^" (register).

For more information about the new application, please check APLUS website.


Receive an email from APLUS.

An email will be sent to the email address you registered in the APLUS application.

When you receive the email, please click the attached URL to continue the application. Once completed, please click "register".


Upload required documents via the designated site.

You will receive an email "Request for Identification Documents" from APLUS on the following business day from your application. Please prepare your required documents and upload it/them as instructed in the email.

For more information about the required documentation, please check APLUS website.


Application Complete!

Your GAICA Flex prepaid card will be sent to your home address.

Activate the card

To use your card, it must first be activated.

(Cards that have not yet been activated cannot be used.) Once you have received your card, please make sure you access the APLUS Member-Only Site and activate your card.

For more details on how to activate your card, please check APLUS website.

The APLUS Member-Only Site can be accessed here.

Load funds to your card

You can load your card from your Shinsei Bank Yen deposit account or one of the 4 applicable foreign currency deposit accounts (US Dollar, Euro, Pound Sterling, Australian Dollar).

You will be able to load your card from the following 3 options;
Load: Load your account at your convenience.
Auto Reload: Balance is automatically loaded when the balance falls below the designated minimum balance registered by the customer (Japanese Yen only).*1
Monthly Auto Reload: Load your account monthly with a set amount on a designated day (Japanese Yen only).*1

Loaded foreign currency can be used only in areas where it is the local currency.

For more details on how to load your card, please check APLUS website.

*1 The reload amount will be removed from your Shinsei Bank PowerFlex account.

  • Loading your card with Yen is free of charge. A fee of 3.5% applies when loading foreign currency.
    For more details on fees, please click here.

Use the card to make purchases in Japan/overseas and to withdraw funds overseas

Using in a store

The GAICA Flex can be used just like credit card in Visa affiliated stores in Japan and overseas.

Contactless payments can be made in stores that offer payments via Visa payWave.

For more details on how to use, please check APLUS website.

  • You may be asked for your signature when making payments. Please ensure you sign the back of the card before making payments.

Using online

The GAICA Flex can be used in Visa participating online stores in Japan and overseas.

  • Please enter the card user's name as "GAICA MEMBER" as shown on the front of the card.
  • Please enter the expiry date shown on the front of the card.

Withdrawing funds overseas

Cash withdrawals can be made from ATMs overseas free of charge.*1

For more details, please check APLUS website.

  1. *1Depending on the overseas financial institution providing the ATM service, an extra fee from that institution may apply. Cash withdrawals cannot be made from within Japan.
  • When withdrawing cash from an ATM overseas, any balance you have in that local currency will be withdrawn.
    If you do not have sufficient balance in that currency, funds will automatically be exchanged and withdrawn from any Japanese Yen balance you have loaded to your GAICA Flex.
  • Loading Japanese Yen to your GAICA Flex is free of charge. A fee will apply when charging foreign currency to your GAICA Flex.

Reload your card or refund the fund to your account

If your loaded card balance runs out, simply reload it with more cash via APLUS Member-Only Site.

If you have any remaining balance on your card that you don't plan to use, simply send it back to your PowerFlex account free of charge!

For more details on how to load your card, please check APLUS website.

For more details on how to refund your funds to your account, please check APLUS website.