Product Line-up

Product and service information are available in English, which adds value and convenience.

* Services at our branches are mainly provided in Japanese. Some branches have English speaking staff, but they may not always be available. If you have concerns about communication, we recommend visiting a branch with someone who can understand Japanese. We appreciate your understanding.

Yen Deposit

From savings to time deposits, we have various types of Yen savings and time deposits for you to select.

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Foreign Currency Deposit

Access to the foreign exchange market 24 hours a day, 365 days a year online or by phone.

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Dual Currency Deposit etc.

Principal receive in Yen or Foreign currency on maturityday.

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Investment Trusts

Invest in mutual funds to meet your goals with desired balance of risk and return.

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Home Mortgage

Save money on fees and also cut your loan term and interest cost.

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International cash service

Withdrawal cash in local currency at approximately more than 2 million ATMs worldwide.
(quote from VISA's website as of September 2014.)

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