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You recieve interest twice a year. Power Chance US dollar extendible time deposit
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1st year interest 4.0% p.a
Deposit amount is 3,360,000 yen. interest after 6 months approx. 52,000 yen. Interest at 1 year maturity approx. 105,000 yen
The above conditions are as of Jan 4, 2008. TTS = 112 yen, TTB = 110 yen are used for calculation. The actual numbers may differ slightly, since the above do not reflect exchange rate fluctuations. If the investment is not extended, maturity is in 1 year, and the principal will be converted to yen at the rate of TTB = 110 yen. The figure will be 3,300,000 yen, not taking in to consideration exchange rate fluctuations. After 1 year of deposit when there is an interest rate calculation, if the 6mth USD LIBOR is higher than the base interest rate, the applicable rate will be 0 % until the next interest calculation.
Advantages of PowerChance
• Interest is fixed for the first year and is higher than that for other US dollar time deposits.
• Interest is paid twice a year in Yen. It is like getting a bonus.
• The minimum deposit is 25,000 US dollar in branch (Shinsei Financial Center).
PowerChance is recommended for those who?
• Like the idea of receiving interest twice a year in Yen.
• Would like to deposit in US dollars at high interest.
• Predict that US dollar market interest will be low for a while.
Structure of PowerChance
2year deposit term extension will be decided by the Bank based on the market interest at 1 year maturity.
Structure of PowerChance
Extension determinant day: 4 business days prior to responding date 1 year after deposit.
(Interest is as of January 4, 2007.)
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About PowerChance
•  The term of this deposit may be extended by the Bank?s decision at 1 year maturity.
•  After 1 year of deposit when there is a interest rate calculation, if the 6mth USD LIBOR is higher than the base interest rate, the applicable rate will be 0 % until the next interest calculation.
•  Contracted interest at time of deposit applies for the first year of deposit. Applicable interest for the additional years will be defined on 2 days London time prior to the first day of interest calculation period.
•  Interest will be converted to yen by the Bank?s TTB and will be paid into Yen Savings Deposit.
•  Calculation for the example above is based on 1 year = 365 days, and just divides that into half for the interest for 6 months. The actual numbers may differ slightly since the example is not taken into account exchange rate fluctuations, and uses TTS = 119 yen, TTB = 117 yen.
Regarding Foreign Currency Deposit
•  As the conversion rates of foreign currencies into yen (foreign exchange rates) fluctuate, foreign exchange deposits carry a risk of loss of yen denominated principal resulting from exchange rate fluctuations when converting foreign currencies back into yen.
•  In the event of high market volatility, system malfunctions, etc., the foreign exchange rates applied by the Bank may differ significantly from prevailing market rates. Customers are urged to confirm the foreign exchange rates to be applied to any such transactions.
•  Foreign exchange fees apply when depositing/withdrawing yen into/out of foreign currency accounts Unconventional currency exchange fees may be applied in the event of drastic foreign exchange rate fluctuations or when major markets are closed. The maximum rates of such one-way exchange fees and round-turn exchange fees are 5.5 yen per unit and 11 yen per unit respectively. For a direct non-JPY cross currency exchange, the foreign exchange fees will be 0.02 multiplied by one of the currencies.
•  There is a risk of loss of yen denominated principal due to the application of foreign currency exchange fees and applied interest rates, even if foreign exchange rates do not fluctuate.
•  Preferred rates of Shinsei Step Up program are applied to transactions changing yen to a foreign currency and vice versa. (n.b. Preferred rates are not applicable to transactions between non yen foreign currencies or when the outstanding foreign currencies balance is converted to yen as part of closing an account. Additionally, preferred rates are not applicable in exchanging currencies or paying interest in the PowerSupport Plus program, or purchasing foreign currencies through the PowerBuilder program.)
•  Foreign currency deposits are not guaranteed by deposit insurance.
•  In principle, foreign currency denominated time deposits may not be cancelled before maturity. However, in the event the Bank recognizes extraordinary circumstances and deems the cancellation of foreign currency denominated time deposits before maturity as unavoidable, only principal amounts will be refunded (interest thereon will not be honored).
•  Shinsei Bank does not accept or offer cash transactions of foreign currencies.
•  Fees will be charged for foreign currency remittances.
•  Before investing in foreign currency deposits customers should carefully read the product description of foreign currency deposits (pre-contract document) that is available in branches and online so that they can fully understand characteristics of the foreign currency deposits. Customers bear full responsibility for their investment decisions, and are encouraged to only invest surplus funds.
  Shinsei Bank, Limited / No.10 Registered financial institution of Kanto Local Finance Bureau
Member of Japan Securities Dealers Association and the Financial Futures Association of Japan