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You recieve interest twice a year. Power Chance US dollar extendible time deposit
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1st year interest 4.0% p.a
Deposit amount is 3,360,000 yen. interest after 6 months approx. 52,000 yen. Interest at 1 year maturity approx. 105,000 yen
The above conditions are as of Jan 4, 2008. TTS = 112 yen, TTB = 110 yen are used for calculation. The actual numbers may differ slightly, since the above do not reflect exchange rate fluctuations. If the investment is not extended, maturity is in 1 year, and the principal will be converted to yen at the rate of TTB = 110 yen. The figure will be 3,300,000 yen, not taking in to consideration exchange rate fluctuations. After 1 year of deposit when there is an interest rate calculation, if the 6mth USD LIBOR is higher than the base interest rate, the applicable rate will be 0 % until the next interest calculation.
Advantages of PowerChance
• Interest is fixed for the first year and is higher than that for other US dollar time deposits.
• Interest is paid twice a year in Yen. It is like getting a bonus.
• The minimum deposit is 25,000 US dollar in branch (Shinsei Financial Center).
PowerChance is recommended for those who?
• Like the idea of receiving interest twice a year in Yen.
• Would like to deposit in US dollars at high interest.
• Predict that US dollar market interest will be low for a while.
Structure of PowerChance
2year deposit term extension will be decided by the Bank based on the market interest at 1 year maturity.
Structure of PowerChance
Extension determinant day: 4 business days prior to responding date 1 year after deposit.
(Interest is as of January 4, 2007.)
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About PowerChance
•  The term of this deposit may be extended by the Bank?s decision at 1 year maturity.
•  After 1 year of deposit when there is a interest rate calculation, if the 6mth USD LIBOR is higher than the base interest rate, the applicable rate will be 0 % until the next interest calculation.
•  Contracted interest at time of deposit applies for the first year of deposit. Applicable interest for the additional years will be defined on 2 days London time prior to the first day of interest calculation period.
•  Interest will be converted to yen by the Bank?s TTB and will be paid into Yen Savings Deposit.
•  Calculation for the example above is based on 1 year = 365 days, and just divides that into half for the interest for 6 months. The actual numbers may differ slightly since the example is not taken into account exchange rate fluctuations, and uses TTS = 119 yen, TTB = 117 yen.
About Foreign Currency Deposits
•  Foreign currency is not available in cash.
•  Interest is given before tax, and it is subject to 20% withholding tax.
•  The Yen equivalent of a foreign currency deposit may be less than the original Yen principal before it was converted to the foreign currency due to exchange rate fluctuations.
•  The Bank’s exchange rate (TTB/ TTS) shall apply for deposits and withdrawals in Yen. Therefore, the deposit may fall below your original Yen amount even without exchange rate fluctuations.
•  Foreign currency deposits are not covered by deposit insurance.
•  Cancellation before maturity is not permitted.
•  This product is not available between 10 p.m. on Thursdays and 9 a.m. on Fridays each week due to the updating of information. The schedule may differ on holidays.
•  Product Description is available at branches.