PowerFlex FAQ
[1]About PowerFlex account [Back to Topics]
Q:What is PowerFlex?>>>Answer
Q: What are the advantages of PowerFlex? >>>Answer
Q: Is there an account maintenance fee? >>>Answer
Q: Why doesn't the Bank have a any bankbook like other Japanese banks? >>>Answer
Q: Are bank statements available? >>>Answer
Q: What do you mean by saying the ATM fee is 0 yen? >>>Answer
Q:Under what circumstances are ATM fees 0 yen?>>>Answer
Q:From what timing can I use foreign ATM?>>>Answer
Q:Where can I find ATMs overseas that I can use?>>>Answer
Q:Can I arrange automatic debiting to pay utility bills?>>>Answer
Q:Can I arrange to have my salary paid into my account?>>>Answer
Q:What is the bank code for Shinsei Bank?>>>Answer
Q:What do I need to bring when I visit one of the Bank's branches to make transaction or to change my account detail ?>>>Answer

[2]About online banking [Back to Topics]
Q:What do you mean by saying Internet remittances cost 0 yen?>>>Answer
Q:Under what circumstances is the charge for Internet remittances 0 yen?>>>Answer
Q: Please tell me how the free Internet transfers are counted. >>>Answer
Q: What transactions are possible using the Internet? >>>Answer
Q:I would like to find out more about Internet banking.>>>Answer
Q: Please explain the operating system required for Internet banking. >>>Answer
Q: Please explain the security system for Internet banking. >>>Answer

[3]About opening an account [Back to Topics]
Q:How can I open an account?>>>Answer
Q:What do I need to open an account?>>>Answer
Q:How does one qualify to open an account?>>>Answer
Q:If I request an account opening kit, how many days will it take to arrive?>>>Answer
Q:How long does it take to open an account?>>>Answer
Q:I don't know how to fill in the application form.>>>Answer
Q:Can a corporation open a PowerFlex account?>>>Answer
Q:Can I open a joint account for my family?>>>Answer
Q:Can I open an account when the address on my proof of identity is different from the present one?>>>Answer
Q: I want all my mail such as my cash card to be sent to a different address from the one which I have registered. >>>Answer
Q: How is the PIN of the cash card decided? >>>Answer

[4]About changing your details [Back to Topics]
Q:I want to change my address. What should I do?>>>Answer
Q:I want to change the (4-digit) PIN code for my cash card. What should I do?>>>Answer
Q: When will PIN change be reflected ? >>>Answer
Q: How can I confirm what phone number I registered with Shinsei Bank, or change the registered phone number ? >>>Answer

[5]About closing an account [Back to Topics]
Q:Can I close my account without going to a Bank branch? >>>Answer
Q:Is there any charge for closing an account? >>>Answer
Q:I already left Japan and have no plan to visit Japan. Let me know how to close my PowerFlex account? >>>Answer

[6]About deposits [Back to Topics]
Q:How can I make a deposit into my PowerFlex account?>>>Answer
Q:At which ATMs can I make a deposit?>>>Answer
Q:Is there a limit to the amount that may be deposited?>>>Answer
Q:Can I make a deposit using foreign currency in cash?>>>Answer
Q:Can I make a deposit from an overseas ATM?>>>Answer
Q:What is the bank code for Shinsei Bank?>>>Answer

[7]About withdrawals [Back to Topics]
Q:How can I make a withdrawal from my account?>>>Answer
Q:Is there a limit to the amount I can withdraw?>>>Answer
Q:Can I make a remittance in a foreign currency?>>>Answer
Q:I only have a yen account. Can I withdraw cash in a local currency when I am abroad?>>>Answer

[8]About transfers & checks [Back to Topics]
Q: How much does it cost to transfer money to other domestic bank accounts (in Yen)? >>>Answer
Q: Can I send money to an overseas account? >>>Answer
Q: What do I need to bring to make an overseas fund transfer over the counter? >>>Answer
Q: Can I receive foreign currency or yen currency from overseas? >>>Answer
Q: What is a bank code, and what is that of Shinsei Bank? >>>Answer