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What is GoRemit?

GoRemit is a well-established overseas remittance service provided by Shinsei Bank, Ltd. which permits you to send your money overseas in a quick, simple and inexpensive way.
Our customers love the convenience and reasonable price of our service. Why don't you give it a try?

With GoRemit you get…

Fast and Easy Remittances

After registration, just make a domestic money transfer ("Furikomi" in Japanese) to our local collection account (no need to open a Shinsei Bank account) via ATM or internet banking. GoRemit will take care of the rest.
*Corporate Customers are required to submit remittance requests by FAX or online.

Good Value

The fee is JPY 2,000* per remittance no matter how much you send. Registration is free, and there are no maintenance charges.
*Overseas intermediary banks/branches used by Shinsei Bank will deduct their service charge from the payment. Beneficiary banks may also deduct their charges. Overseas remittances in JPY funds are subject to an additional fee of 0.1% of the remittance amount (minimum charge of JPY 1,500).

Great Quality Service

After each remittance you will receive an "Advice of Transfer" which shows all the details of your transaction. Experienced bilingual staff are available at our call center to assist with any questions you may have.
For Corporate and Self Employed Business customers, our Online Remittance Service provides an easy way to manage all of your beneficiaries, view transaction history, and make remittance requests.

How do I get started with GoRemit?

Simply register your details and beneficiary information for free then deposit funds into your GoRemit account!
*Corporate Customers are required to submit remittance requests by FAX or online.

Step1 : Apply

Click the appropriate button at the bottom of this page to apply online. Once you have input your details and the beneficiary account information, etc. Simply print out the form and post it to us with the Documents Required for Application. If you would like to fill in the form by hand, please select the "Apply Offline" feature.

Step2 : Receive your Welcome Pack

After the necessary processing and screening has been completed, you will receive your Welcome Pack, containing a "Registration Letter". Please confirm that all of the details registered are correct.
The Registration Letter will show your GoRemit account (called a "B-Link Account") details.

Step3 : Transfer the remittance amount to your GoRemit account

Transfer the amount you wish to send in JPY to your B-Link account and we will deduct our fee, convert the funds at that day's exchange rate and initiate your transfer*.
*Corporate Customers are required to submit remittance requests by FAX or online.
You can check exchange rates and fees on our website or call our call center.
*Funds received after 3:00pm (12:00 midday for JPY remittances) will be processed on the following business day at that day's exchange rate.

You're done!

Once we have initiated your remittance, it usually takes 1-3 business days for funds to be deposited to the beneficiary account. An "Advice of Transfer" will be sent to you after each remittance.
*As a result of screening procedures in compliance with the 'Act on Prevention of Transfers of Criminal Proceeds' (March 2008) etc., as well as operational procedures at the receiving bank overseas, transfers may take longer to process.

Register NOW!

Upon receipt of your application form, it generally takes 7-10 business days to complete your registration. Don't delay!

Don't hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have!