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Confirmation for Overseas Remittances

In accordance with the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act, we will carry out confirmation on each overseas remittance request of every customer before executing the remittance transaction to ensure that transactions are not related to restricted countries, i.e. North Korea and Iran.

The confirmation procedure is different for individual and corporate customers (including self employed business customers). We will not be able to accept your overseas remittance without confirmation so please read the following instructions and submit the applicable form.

Individual Customer

1.Conditions when confirmation before remittances is required confirmation is required when your requested remittance amount exceeds your current remittance limits. *Remittance limits are set for each customer at the time of application based on the Bank's prescribed examination.
2.Method of Confirmation
Telephone call after receipt of remittance funds that exceed predetermined limits.
  • A member of our staff will call after we confirm receipt of funds and ask for you to confirm that the remittance is not a transaction subject to restrictions including regulated countries such as North Korea and Iran. We will not be able to accept overseas remittances without completion of this confirmation process.

3.Procedure to Change the Remittance Limit
Please fill in the required sections, including your new desired remittance volume limits and the reason for the change on the "Application of Remittance Volume Limit Change" and send it to the below address.
If you wish to raise your annual total remittance volume limits above their current level, please submit the required documents to validate the details on the submitted form. Please check your application carefully before submitting.
After setting your remittance limits in accordance with the Bank's examination, you will receive a notice of your new limits. Please check carefully upon receipt.

Shinsei Bank GoRemit
Meguro P.O. Box #25
Japan Post Group 153-8790

You can download the addressed and stamped envelope here (PDF). (postage paid by receiver)

【Precautionary Statement】

  • The Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act requires the aforementioned confirmation should be carried out before the execution of a remittance. We will be unable to accept remittances in cases where we are not able to contact the customer or we cannot obtain confirmation from the customer due to any reason.
  • Shinsei Bank is not held responsible for any loss or damages caused as a result of, for instance, a failure to execute a remittance, delay in remittance or incurred exchange losses because the confirmation prescribed in (2) above is not be obtained, or the change of remittance limits is not accepted after the examination process prescribed in (3) above.
  • Remittance limits are set for each customer at the time of application based on the Bank's prescribed examination.

Business Customer (Japanese version only)