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We at Shinsei Bank provide a comprehensive set of solutions for our customers' funding and investment needs. The Shinsei Bank Group network performs a wide range of financial functions including distribution, trust servicing and transaction management. This translates into consistent service, clear communication and united goals for all the Shinsei Bank Group teams working on a deal. In addition, our subsidiaries provide the same long-term expertise in local and international financial practices that our customers have come to expect when working with Shinsei Bank.

  • Alpha Servicer Co., Ltd.
  • Shinsei Personal Loan
Shinsei PI Group

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Shinsei Trust and Banking Co., Ltd. supports every aspect of structured and securitized transactions. From the provision of trust services and transaction management through master servicing and advisory services, Shinsei Trust can add value and provide solutions for both repeat issuers and the most complex of new issues.

As a "new-paradigm" trust bank, Shinsei Trust's products and services are based on the latest structured finance and trust technology combined with market expertise provided by professionals who have been active in the area of trust and servicing solutions in the structured finance market for over 12 years.


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Shinsei Securities Co., Ltd., a fully owned subsidiary of Shinsei Bank, is a wholesale securities house focused on the distribution of securitized instruments, structured bond sales and bond underwriting.

Shinsei Securities has led the securitization business based on a wide variety of securitization transactions including residential mortgages, corporate loans, consumer loans and lease loans. Its total volume of the securitization business in 2011 was 233 billion yen. The company was ranked third among underwriters league table of asset-backed securities except Japan Housing Finnace Agency RMBS in 2011.

Shinsei Securities distributes structured bonds to retail customers by Shinsei Bank's intermediacy (Chukai) besides corporate customers.


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Established on July 1, 2013 as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shinsei Bank, Shinsei Principal Investments Limited provides a variety of financial services including administrative, structuring, and business promotion services to support Shinsei Principal Investment Group's investment and loan business.


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Shinsei Corporate Investment provides investment services to customers, focusing on venture and buy-out investments

① Venture Investment

We provide capital investment in the form of equity investment up to a maximum of 5% of voting rights to customers considering an Initial Public Offering (IPO). Our team offers solutions to fulfill the needs of customers looking to face challenges such as the following:

  • Companies considering raising capital for growth through the issuance of equity
  • Companies considering changes in ownership structure such as the replacement of current owners

Our team looks to be a partner to our customers, contributing to their growth through the provision of financial support.

Additionally, by leveraging our extensive domestic and global networks, we do not only invest in its customers, but look to provide business solution services that further support the growth of the businesses of customers.

We provide pre-IPO investment for domestic enterprises in the mid to later stages of the IPO process. However, we also consider the provision of capital to customers outside of these stages depending upon the customer's development stage and industry via the establishment of a joint fund that is specialized for the customer's external partners/stage/industry, through which the Bank actively provides risk money.

② Buy-out Investment

The Buyout Investment Team at Shinsei Corporate Investment utilizes its own funds and provides "hands-on" management support to small and medium sized enterprises with business succession needs.

Our potential customers would include but are not limited to customers with the following needs:

  • Enterprises in need of a successor to manage their business but do not have strong candidates either within the company or amongst relatives, and require additional time to raise a successor
  • Enterprises seeking a trustworthy partner that will buy and hold company shares while developing the business together
  • Enterprises seeking a final round of equity finance prior to going public through an IPO

As a general rule, we require a majority ownership stake in the enterprise it is investing in via a fund structure. Shinsei Corporate Investment will then work to add value to and increase the enterprise's total value by dispatching professionals to the enterprise in order to assist in the restructuring of management, refining business growth strategies and executing business plans.


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We have supported a number of financial restructurings of domestic financial institutions and industrial corporations since 2001, when we started our business as an investment and finance team within Shinsei Bank. Our track record totals to JPY 3 trillion face value, or 17,000 cases, across Japan over the decade. Our added value includes co-working with our group’s servicing function, assessing the clients’ revitalization potentiality and making the best use of our consulting ability.

Today, Shinsei Investment & Finance focuses on what we call “Balance Sheet Solution (BSS)”, i.e. purchases of entrenched receivables, while also responding to a variety of other finance needs, such as the deals based on real estate asset value (real estate purchases and projects), business revitalization (DIP finance) and business restructuring. We are positioned as a unique investor to leverage our group functions combining credit purchase, finance and private equity investment abilities, with a sole purpose of solving customers’ issues by order-made solutions.

Strengthening our partnerships with third-party partners, capturing changes in market needs as well as social structure, and reacting speedily, we continue providing best solutions for our customers.


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Shinsei Servicing & Consulting Limited is a licensed servicer specializing in loan management and collection and has received permit number 63 from the Minister of Justice based on the Act on Special Measures Concerning Claim Management and Collection Businesses (Servicer Act).

As described in the company name itself, Shinsei Servicing & Consulting has provided not only simple servicing but also consulting functions to over 6,000 small- and medium-sized enterprises. Leveraging the experience, we will provide solutions and support in the areas of business revitalization and business switching/withdrawal to struggling small- and medium sized enterprises under escalating super-graying society.

As a result of Shinsei Servicing & Consulting's sophisticated servicing operations and solid track record of over a decade, Standard & Poor's has assigned a "Strong (Outlook: Stable)" rating (the highest of the five ratings) in the commercial loan special servicer category.


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Shinsei Investment Management Co., Ltd. is a fully owned asset management subsidiary of Shinsei Bank, which opened for business in April 2003. Leveraging the Shinsei Bank Group's neutral and independent global network, Shinsei Investment Management functions as an "investment product provider," offering access to a carefully selected range of investment products from around the world in order to meet the various investment needs of customers. In choosing investment institutions and funds, Shinsei Investment Management places utmost importance on selection, in-depth due diligence, and performance evaluation.


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Since its foundation in 1969, Showa Leasing Co., Ltd. has contributed to improving the financial situations of its corporate customers and the modernizing of their facilities through the leasing business. After joining the Shinsei Bank Group in 2005, the company has looked to further improve customer satisfaction levels and nurture the trust customers place in it by offering diverse financial solutions that leverage the strengths of the Shinsei Bank Group.

In recent years, the company has entered alliances with companies with a high level of expertise to promote businesses specializing in particular areas or markets, such as the renewable energy and semiconductor businesses. In addition, it has been working to enhance cooperation with regional financial institutions and their customers. Furthermore, it focuses on finding new areas that are expected to grow in the future such as highly-functional assistive products/equipment (e.g. wheelchairs, hearing aids, etc.), next-generation advanced technologies, and on developing products and services to expand such markets.

Showa Leasing comprehensively supports all types of capital investment including information technology equipment, industrial machinery, machine tools, construction machinery, medical equipment, commercial facilities, and airplanes. Moreover, it offers solutions for strengthening financial foundation and risk management, one-stop services concerning the disposal of unnecessary personal properties, and sales promotion programs for manufacturers and retailers.


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Showa Leasing Co., Ltd.


Shinsei Financial Co., Ltd. provides personal loan services as a member company of the Shinsei Bank Group. The company also offers its expertise and IT systems to regional financial institutions which have credit guarantee tie-up relationships with Shinsei Bank, and we assist them in expanding their personal loan businesses with the aim of developing products that further satisfy their customers' needs and exercising their finely-tuned credit management.

We provide customer-centric services with the utilizing the company's high quality customer research and product development expertise, its process management technologies developed through experience, and state-of-the-art IT. Furthermore, we keep a focus on strong compliance awareness and internal control frameworks as an essential part of day to day activities of our employees.


For additional details, please visit the following web site (Japanese version only):

Shinsei Financial Co., Ltd.


APLUS Group is a major consumer finance subsidiary group of the Shinsei Bank Group. APLUS Co., Ltd., a core company within the APLUS FINANCIAL Group, engages in businesses such as shopping credit, credit cards, and settlements, and is owned by APLUS Financial Co., Ltd., a holding company (First Section of TSE; code 8589).

As a link connecting customers, tie-up partners, and manufacturers, the APLUS Group offers high value-added financial services, through which we contribute to our customers' wealth and well-being.


For additional details, please contact APLUS:

APLUS Co., Ltd.


Shinsei Property Finance Co., Ltd. caters to the various funding needs of corporate and individual customers as a company specializing in loans secured by real estate.

By utilizing its evaluation expertise which is necessary in order to utilize the full value of real estate, Shinsei Property Finance looks to speedily address initiatives in order contribute to the resolution of its customers' challenges.


For additional details, please contact Shinsei Property Finance:

Shinsei Property Finance Co., Ltd.

Alpha Servicer Co., Ltd.

Alpha Servicer Co., Ltd. ("Alpha Servicer"), a wholly owned subsidiary of APLUS Co., Ltd., is a debt servicer, holding License Number 101 issued by the Minister of Justice under the "Act on Special Measures Concerning the Debt Servicing Business (Servicer Act)."

Alpha Servicer is a total solutions servicer which deals primarily with retail claims that are unsecured. The company utilizes the debt servicing expertise developed by its parent company, APLUS, and offers optimal servicing operations in that meet the diverse needs of the originators (creditors) including financial institutions.

Additionally, the company takes all possible measures to create a robust information security structure, which includes protection of personal information, and has in place a rigorous compliance framework to ensure compliance with regulations concerning its actions as required under the Servicer Act, Money Lending Business Act, and other relevant laws and regulations. Furthermore,it has also obtained international standard certification in "ISMS (Information Security Management System Conformity Assessment Scheme)."

Main businesses

  • Contracted servicer business for specified monetary claims
    «Transaction Examples»
    Primary servicing: Servicing claims in the initial phase before repayment by subrogation of personal loans originated by financial institutions
    Special servicing: Servicing claims after the right to claim compensation from public guarantee institutions is obtained
    Backup servicing for liquidation and securitization of claims
  • Purchase of specified monetary claims and their servicing
  • Debt management consulting


For additional details, please contact Alpha Servicer:

Alpha Servicer Co., Ltd.

Shinsei Personal Loan

Shinsei Personal Loan Limited offers personal loans to consumers.
Founded in 1954 in Himeji City, Hyogo prefecture, we have long been offering our customers comprehensive financial services. In 2016, we changed our corporate name in order to maximize synergy with the Shinsei Bank Group as a whole.

Placing "creation of the most trustable non-bank financial institution" as a center of our corporate mission, we aim to grow together with all of our stake holders and build on our trust with them.
With this management principle in mind, we regard compliance as one of our most important challenges. Our corporate action guidelines include our complying with related laws and regulations in good faith and taking actions based on social norms.

    [Key products]
  • “Noloan”: One week interest free period, for as many times as needed (Japanese version only)
  • “Karikaeeru”: Refinancing for debt consolidation (Japanese version only)


For additional details, please visit the following web site:

Shinsei Personal Loan