M&A Advisory

Today, M&A is one of the strongest strategic options available to bridge the gap between a company's vision/strategy and its reality, and is widely accepted by company managers as an effective option to improve corporate value. Shinsei Bank's M&A Advisory Team provides strong, consistent support as financial advisors for complex M&A processes from the arrangement of an M&A transaction until its completion.

  • List up and approach of potential buyers/target companies
  • Evaluation of target business/company (valuation)
  • Strategic negotiations advisement
  • Proposal of optimum structures/processes
  • Coordination of due diligence
  • Documentation support including agreements
  • Issuance of fairness opinion

Strengths of Shinsei Bank: Solid foundation developed from the time of the former Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan

Our M&A Advisory Team was created in 1985 as a section specializing in M&A operations within the former Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan. Since then, the M&A Advisory Team has created an extensive customer base consisting of business corporations and financial institutions. We also have a strong and wide-ranging network of banking relationship managers in our head office and branches in major cities in Japan, as well as lawyers, accountants, and other outside specialists. Utilizing these assets, we flexibly respond to the diverse M&A needs of our customers, regardless of their industries and geographical areas. In particular, in our corporate revitalization services, our team of experts provides total support throughout the entire process: from private and legal debt restructuring to the raising of new money from sponsors and others.

Strengths of Shinsei Bank: Global Presence

In the case of cross-border M&A, it is of utmost importance to have access to reliable information concerning overseas companies. Furthermore, due to the processes of negotiations with counterparties being complex and being labor intensive, dependable support is essential. In order to support overseas business development of its customers, the M&A Advisory Team has established a robust, reliable network of its own with leading local financial institutions overseas, and has a structure that can actively satisfy to cross-border M&A needs.