Frequently Asked Questions about GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service


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What is GoRemit?

GoRemit is a fast and convenient overseas remittance service for sending money from Japan to an overseas bank account provided by Shinsei Bank. The process of sending money between countries is referred to as a "remittance".

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What is a B-Link number?

A B-Link number is a unique account number which Shinsei Bank opens as a YEN collection account at Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation. When a customer applies to GoRemit, we create a separate B-Link number which is allocated to each beneficiary that is registered with Us. To remit funds overseas, customers transfer funds to the B-Link number that corresponds to the beneficiary to which they wish to remit funds.

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Where do I send the funds when making remittances with GoRemit?

Please send the YEN funds to the account below by domestic wire transfer ("furikomi").
Bank name: 三井住友銀行 (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation)
Branch name: 中央支店 (Chuo branch) (Branch code: 763)
Account holder name: (Shinsei Bank, Limited)
Account type: 普通預金 (Savings Account)
Account number: B-Link number assigned to the desired beneficiary *1
Fund sender name: "Remitter's/Payer' name" *2

  • *1 The B-Link number is provided in the Registration Letter enclosed in the Welcome Pack.
  • *2 [Individual customers] The "Remitter's/Payer's name" is a 3-digit number (different for each beneficiary you register) followed by your surname, and is provided in the Registration Letter enclosed in the Welcome Pack. Including the 3-digit number (rather than just your name) helps to ensure smooth processing of transfers.
    [Corporate customers] The "Remitter's/Payer's name" is your corporate name as registered with Us.
  • The "Remitter's/Payer's name" must be the name registered with GoRemit. If the name is different from the registered GoRemit user, remittance transactions may be delayed or be declined.
  • If you make more than one furikomi to the same B-Link number on the same day and wish the remittance to be made as one payment, we request that you notify us in advance. Without prior notification, payments may be processed (and charged) individually as separate remittances.

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What exchange rate applies?

Funds received by 3 p.m. on a business day will be converted from Yen to the currency specified on your application form using the GoRemit TTS (Telegraphic Transfer Selling) which is updated daily after 10 a.m. and are valid until 3 p.m. that day. If funds arrive after 3 p.m., the TTS exchange rates of the following business day will apply.Please check here for the latest GoRemit rates.

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Are any additional fees besides the remittance fee of JPY2,000 charged?

Yes. Besides our remittance charge (JPY2,000), intermediary banks overseas will deduct a fee. In addition, beneficiary banks in some countries may also levy a charge. For remittances in Japanese Yen, an additional lifting fee of 0.1% of the remittance amount (minimum charge of JPY1,500) will be charged in addition to the JPY2,000 remittance charge.

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How long does it take to complete the registration?

Your registration will be completed within approximately 7-10 business days after we receive your application form. When all registration requirements have been satisfied, we will send you a Welcome Pack by unforwardable Restricted Delivery Mail Service (collection restricted to yourself).

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Can I make a fund transfer to the GoRemit collecting account from my local bank ATM?


  • As long as you can access a bank ATM that has the furikomi function, you will be able to use the GoRemit from anywhere in Japan.Please note that the Shinsei Bank's ATMs do not have the furikomi function.

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Can I make a fund transfer online?

If you are registered for Online Banking with your Japanese bank you can send funds to GoRemit online. Senders must currently be residing in Japan.

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Can I send money after 3 p.m.?

You can send funds after 3 p.m. (if your bank allows domestic transfers to be made outside of normal banking hours); however, we cannot remit the funds until the next business day and the remittance will be made at the exchange rate on the day the remittance takes place, not the day you sent the funds to us.

Customers are responsible for any charges related to remittance amount adjustments resulting from the newly applied rate.

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My bank ATM transaction limit is JPY500,000 and I need to remit more than that, what can I do?

Many banks allow you to change your ATM domestic funds transfer limit. We advise that you contact your bank directly to ask them about changing your ATM limit for domestic transfers.

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Do I need to visit a Shinsei Bank branch to use GoRemit?

Registrations and remittances for/via GoRemit cannot be done at a Shinsei Bank branch. Registration is done by completing our online application form, printing it out and sending the signed and dated form to us by post with the necessary ID. Remittances are made via a bank ATM or Online Banking.

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How long does it take to remit funds?

Funds received by 3 p.m. on business days will be converted into your selected foreign currency at the foreign exchange rates quoted on that day and processed on the same day by Shinsei Bank. Depending on the beneficiary country and bank, funds will typically arrive within 3 business days; however, screening processes and local banking practice on the beneficiary end may cause delays in some cases.

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What currencies are available for GoRemit?

The currencies that are available with GoRemit are: U.S. Dollar (USD), Pounds Sterling (GBP), Euro (EUR), Canadian Dollar (CAD), Australian Dollar (AUD), New Zealand Dollar (NZD), Swiss Franc (CHF), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), Singapore Dollar (SGD), Swedish Krona (SEK), Indian Rupee (INR) and Japanese Yen (JPY).

  • [Note] If you wish to send JPY, please contact us in advance as we may be unable to send yen funds to certain banks.

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Please tell me about Yen remittances

Yen funds transfers are subject to an additional lifting charge of 0.1% of the amount sent (minimum charge of JPY1,500) besides the remittance fee of JPY2,000. The cut off time for same day remittance is 12 noon.
If you wish to send JPY, please contact us in advance as we may be unable to send yen funds to certain banks.

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What do I do if my address has changed?

If your address has changed, please submit a "Change of Personal Details" form by post with a clear copy of ID showing your new address. *

Click here for "Change of Personal Details" for individual customers

Click here for "Change of Company Details" for corporate clients

If you do not update your address, you may not receive important letters from us. Please note that if mail is returned to us because the recipient’s address is invalid, your transactions may temporarily be stopped until we confirm your latest address.

  • * Legible copy of Residence Card (zairyu card), Special Permanent Resident Certificate, etc.

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How long is a GoRemit account (B-Link number) valid?

Your GoRemit account will remain open as long as you continue to use it. Accounts that have not been used for a period of two years will be automatically closed. To re-open the account, full re-registration for the service will be required.

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I was requested to provide the information about the source of funds. Why do I need to provide this?

For anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist financing purposes, additional documentation about the source of funds may be required prior to the funds being sent. Without this documentation, remittance transactions may be declined.

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Are there any restriction on the countries or beneficiaries I can remit to or the purposes I can remit for?

Yes there are.
We cannot send funds to countries, jurisdictions, individuals and/or organizations against which economic sanctions are in force or to countries and/or beneficiaries to which the bank has deemed it inappropriate to send funds. Inappropriate beneficiaries include, for example, those that are gambling related and unregulated money exchangers. If you are in doubt about whether we would allow funds to be remitted to a particular beneficiary please contact us on 0120-227-503.

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Are there any special conditions when remitting Indian Rupee to India?

Yes. Please note the following:

  • You must provide both an IFSC (Indian Financial Systems Code) code and SWIFT code for each beneficiary account.
  • Depending on the remittance amount, the number of days required for the funds to reach a beneficiary account may differ or the remittance itself may not be accepted. Please be aware that even if a transaction cannot be completed, deducted fees may not be refunded.
  • There are some banks in India to which we are unable to remit funds. Please confirm in advance that your intended beneficiary bank is able to receive overseas remittances
  • The intermediary bank fee for INR remittances is calculated as the Remittance amount (INR) x 0.4% (min INR 750, max INR 6,000). A service tax charge of 14% of the fee (eg. INR 750 x 14% = INR 105, total INR 855) will be deducted. *
  • *Confirmed on 5th November 2015. Overseas intermediary bank charges may change without prior notice. As such, the above is not a guarantee and is provided for reference only. Beneficiary banks may also deduct their own charges.

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Can I receive money in Japan from overseas through GoRemit?

GoRemit is only able to send funds from Japan to countries overseas. We are unable to receive incoming funds from overseas.

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Do I have to be in Japan to make remittances?

We are not able to accept funds transfers from outside of Japan using internet banking.

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Are there any special conditions when remitting to UAE, Bahrain, Croatia, Jordan, Kuwait, Pakistan, Qatar, and Guatemala?

Remittances to these countries without an IBAN (International Bank Account Number) will not be processed by the beneficiary bank. Please be aware that intermediary and/or beneficiary banks may levy transaction cancellation and/or other charges for remittances that do not include a valid IBAN code.

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What is IBAN?

IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an international standard that identifies bank accounts with a 34 character (maximum) alphanumeric code. The main purpose of the IBAN is to facilitate the automatic processing of money transfers and to improve the speed and accuracy of your payment transactions.

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What is the confirmation for overseas remittances?

In order to meet guidelines of the Ministry of Finance, financial institutions and fund transfer business operators needs to carry out confirmation on each overseas remittance of all customers to ensure that it is not a transactions subject to: the Regulation on Trade-related Payments concerning North Korea, the Regulation on the Use of Funds for purposes such nuclear development, and the Regulation on the Use of Funds for purposes such as Iranian nuclear development or large-scale conventional weapons. For details, please check here.

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How much is my remittance volume limit?

Each customer has their own remittance limit.

For details, please make sure of the Confirmation for Overseas Remittances.

  • If you register a new beneficiary or if you wish to change the limit already set, please apply for the expected remittance amount. Upon completion of Shinsei Bank’s prescribed screening, we will set a limit and notify you of it.

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Are the GoRemit and PowerFlex Overseas Remittance services the same?

They are different services. The registration procedure, service contents, etc. are different.
Please click here for details.

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Has there been any major changes to the service as a result of the business transfer of GoLloyds Overseas Remittance from Lloyds Bank to Shinsei Bank in March 2013?

The GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service is available to the customers who used the GoLloyds overseas remittance services provided by Lloyds Bank. Please click here for details on the differences between the GoRemit and GoLloyds services.

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