Our Business Model and Strategy

Integrated Group Management Retail Banking Consumer finance Fundraising Asset management Balance sheet improvement Risk hedging

Individual Business

The Shinsei Bank Group provides unique products that are not offered by any other bank.

Retail Banking

Comprehensive account

  • Enables the use of all transactions available at Shinsei Bank including yen deposits, foreign currency deposits, mutual funds and insurance.
  • Silver customers can enjoy free ATM withdrawals/deposits 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at approximately 96,000 ATMs in various locations throughout Japan, including major convenience stores.
  • Up to 50 free online deposits a month
  • Cash cards in 32 colors

Home mortgages

  • No charge for partial prepayments
  • No guarantee fees
  • Anshin Pack W that combines nursing care insurance, FlexiRepayment Service, child care support and home care support

Investment Trusts

  • Investment Trusts, NISA* program
  • *Japan's tax exemption scheme for investment by individuals

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Consumer finance

Shopping credit/credit cards

  • Shinsei APLUS Card
  • Earn T-points with:
    • Shopping credit
    • Auto loan
    • Rent service

Loans secured by real estate

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Institutional Business

We offer financial solutions (e.g. funding and equity capital) that fully utilize the Group???s functions.


We offer loans using the optimum scheme for the diversified fundraising needs of our customers, leveraging our extensive experience and track record in the business finance field.
In addition to normal loans, we offer various other types of loans such as syndicated loans and NRLs.

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Asset management

We offer deposits containing derivatives on interest rates, exchange rates, shares and credit markets, privately-offered mutual funds, and other products according to the asset management needs of our customers.

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Balance sheet improvement

We provide custom-made solutions to improve our customers??? balance sheets, including fundraising utilizing NRLs, purchase of loans and monetary claims utilizing credit trading, and corporate revitalization advisory services.

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Risk hedging

In addition to basic services such as forward exchange contracts and overseas remittances, our highly experienced customer dealers directly offer appropriate market information and various hedging ideas. Utilizing the flexibility of derivatives, we create custom-made schemes that satisfy our customers??? needs in order to achieve stability in their business.

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Financial Institution Customers

We have created broad transactional relationships over a long period of time with financial institution customers in all business sectors throughout Japan. We will further enhance our collaboration with regional financial institutions and work to provide solutions to a wide range of issues utilizing the functions and strengths of the Shinsei Bank Group member companies while maintaining a focus on risk sharing and local production & local consumption in an effort to contribute to the development of regional communities.

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