Directors and Executive Officers

Shigeru Kani (Date of Birth: September 20, 1943)

Shigeru Kani

Outside Director


  • Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited

As of April 1, 2018


At Shinsei Bank Board of Directors’ meetings, all members actively and unrestrainedly dis- cuss the Bank’s sustainable growth, the enhancement of profitability and improvements in corporate value over the medium and long terms. Furthermore, not only does the executive team provide explanations in response to questions from outside directors, but also the outside directors themselves express their opinions and lively debates ensue on the basis of those opinions. In this way, in the case of Shinsei Bank Board of Directors’ meetings, I feel that debates are conducted that are completely different in form from mere so-called rubber stamping. I also feel that creating an atmosphere that facilitates free debate at Board of Directors’ meetings is crucial for outside directors, who play a role in management decision making, management oversight and also in the offering of advice to management. Going forward, in order to be able to focus on and carefully debate matters that are of particular importance, our policy will be to devise a range of methods geared toward conducting management as efficiently as possible.
All of us intend to focus on improving stable performance by strengthening the management foundation with a strong sense of tension, in grateful anticipation of everyone’s encouragement and ongoing support for Shinsei Bank.


April 2014 Specially Appointed Professor, Yokohama College of Commerce
April 2006 Professor, Yokohama College of Commerce
June 2004 Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited (Current)
April 2002 Advisor, NEC Corporation
May 1999 Executive Managing Director, Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.
May 1996 Director, Administration Department, The Bank of Japan
May 1992 Executive Auditor and Senior Advisor to the Chairman,
The Tokyo International Financial Futures Exchange
(Predecessor of Tokyo Financial Exchange Inc.)
April 1966 Joined The Bank of Japan

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