Directors and Executive Officers

Yoshiaki Kozano (Date of Birth: November 1, 1962)

Yoshiaki Kozano



  • Director, Chief Officer, Group Business Strategy

As of September 19, 2018


The growth in rapidly evolving technologies, in the means of mobile communication and in communication networks in recent years coupled with the dramatic improvements in digital and Big Data analysis as well as processing improvements that are utilized in FinTech, robots and AI is bringing about a major reform of financial services.
To respond quickly to the diverse needs of our customers, we at the Shinsei Bank Group actively form partnerships with Japanese and foreign companies in different industries that have an understanding of, for example, technological development capabilities and attractive markets, customer networks and information, communications and SNS in logistics as well as online mail order and distribution. We will continue to provide our customers with inexpensive, quick, simple, secure and convenient financial services that incorporate the latest technologies and information.


Jun. 2018 Director, Chief Officer, Group Business Strategy (Current)
Apr. 2018 Chief Officer, Group Business Strategy
Apr. 2017 Chief Officer, Group Business Strategy, Managing Executive Officer, Special Assignment, Shinsei Bank, Limited
Jun. 2016 Director, APLUS FINANCIAL Co., Ltd. (Current)
Apr. 2016 Managing Executive Officer, Special Assignment (Head of Group Business Strategy)
Apr. 2015 Managing Executive Officer, Deputy Head of Institutional Group
Jun. 2011 Managing Executive Officer, Head of Principal Transactions Sub-Group
Dec. 2007 Head of Principal Transactions Sub-Group
Jul. 2006 Head of Corporate Business Solutions Sub-Group
Nov. 2003 General Manager, Credit Trading Division
Apr. 1986 Joined The Long-Term Credit Bank of Japan, Ltd. (Predecessor of Shinsei Bank, Limited)

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