Directors and Executive Officers

Hideyuki Kudo (Date of Birth: September 1, 1963)

Hideyuki Kudo

President and Chief Executive Officer


  • Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer, Shinsei Bank, Limited

As of June 28, 2016


As institutionally designed, the Shinsei Bank takes the form of a company with an Audit & Supervisory Board, with five of its seven directors being outside directors, and we manage the Board of Directors with greater emphasis on oversight functions. Under this framework, management by our business executives constantly falls under the scrutiny of stringent checks made by the outside directors, who maintain an awareness of the existence of our various stakeholders, and management receives frank opinions from a broad perspective. In addition, members of the Board of Directsors are always thinking about what would be the best thing to do to improve effectiveness and whether there are any points being overlooked, while debating and working on improvements.


June 2015 Representative Director, President and Chief Executive Officer, Shinsei Bank, Limited (Current)
April 2015 Managing Executive Officer, Shinsei Bank, Limited
April 2013 Managing Executive Officer, Chief Risk Officer, Head of Risk Management Group, Shinsei Bank, Limited
April 2011 Managing Executive Officer, Head of Structured Finance Sub-Group, Shinsei Bank, Limited
September 2010 Managing Executive Officer, Deputy Head of Institutional Group, Shinsei Bank, Limited
June 2007 Managing Director, Investments Division, Aetos Japan, LLC
January 2007 Vice Chairman
June 2006 Representative Director, President, MID Urban Development Co., Ltd.
(Predecessor of Kanden Realty & Development Co., Ltd.)
May 2005 Managing Director
August 2003 Director, Acquisition Group, Aetos Japan, LLC
May 2001 General Manager, Advisory Department No.Ⅱ, Investment Banking Division, Mizuho Securities Co., Ltd
April 1987 Joined The Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank, Ltd. (Predecessor of Mizuho Bank, Ltd.)

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