Directors and Executive Officers

Ryuichi Tomimura (Date of Birth: February 17, 1959)

Ryuichi Tomimura

Outside Director


  • President, Representative Director, SIGMAXYZ Inc.
  • Director, Plan-Do-See Inc.
  • Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited

As of July 29, 2018


Possessing diverse knowledge and experience, each director makes decisions on business execution and conducts risk management based on having actively exchanged opinions and sufficient debate. We hope to further deepen the debate on the changes in the business environment brought about by the dramatic ways technology in the finance industry is evolving, such as FinTech and AI, and decide on a course for Shinsei Bank to take.


June 2018 President, Representative Director, SIGMAXYZ Inc.(Current)
June 2016 Executive President, Representative Director, SIGMAXYZ Inc.
June 2015 Director, Shinsei Bank, Limited (Current)
June 2014 Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Shinsei Bank, Limited
August 2012 Director, Plan•Do•See Inc. (Current)
April 2010 Executive Vice President, Director, SIGMAXYZ Inc. (Current)
December 2007 Representative Director, Managing Director, RHJ International Japan, Inc.
Feburary 2004 Representative Director, Senior Executive Vice President, JAPAN
TELECOM CO., LTD (Predecessor of SoftBank Corp. )
October 2002 Managing Director, IBM Business Consulting Service KK,
Vice President, IBM Corporation Business Consulting Service, Asia Pacific
January 1994 Managing Partner, Pricewaterhouse Consultant
October 1991 General Manager, Network Integration Division, Recruit Co. Ltd.(Predecessor of Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd.)
October 1983 Joined IBM Japan, Ltd.

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