Company Profile

As of March 31, 2017

Name Shinsei Bank, Limited
Established December, 1952
Representative Director,
Hideyuki Kudo
Capital Stock 512.2 billion yen
Total Assets (Consolidated) 9,456.6 billion yen
Deposits, Including NCDs
6,067.0 billion yen
Loans and Bills Discounted
4,895.9 billion yen
Securities (Consolidated) 1,123.5 billion yen
Total number of outstanding shares issued
(common shares)
275,034 thousand shares
Total Capital Adequacy Ratio
(Basel 3, Domestic Standard)
12.83 %
Non-consolidated Capital Adequacy Ratio
(Basel 3, Domestic Standard)
14.85 %
Number of Employees
(Consolidated Basis)
Number of Employees
(Nonconsolidated Basis)
Branches (Nonconsolidated) 28 head office and branches, 4 annexes

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