IR/SR Policy of Shinsei Bank


The Board of Directors established Investor Relations (IR)/Shareholder Relations (SR) Policy of Shinsei Bank as set forth in this document so that constructive engagement with market players including investors and analysts (market players) is promoted proactively by utilizing IR/SR as an important management tool for sustainable corporate value improvement in a mid-long term perspective.

Disclosure Policy

We pursue proactive disclosure of information needed for us to have constructive engagement with the market players in addition to disclosure required by laws or regulations.
We make every effort to give access to our information/data by using our public website and other tools so that the market players including individual and institutional stakeholders can get our information/data as uniformly and broadly as possible.
We disclose important information as set forth hereinafter via [Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet)] the Tokyo Stock Exchange and/or our public website if such information is disclosed to specific market players.

Feedback to Board of Directors and Senior Management

We share with the Board of Directors and Senior Management key points discussed with the market players on a regular basis. Important information is provided as a special report in a timely and appropriate manner. We will maintain or improve our internal feedback system in order to utilize it as one of our important management information tools.

Persons in charge of IR/SR

Head of all the IR and SR related activities is the President & CEO. The President & CEO assigns senior management and the officers in charge of IR/SR activities. In addition, from time to time, the President & CEO appoints relevant senior management and/or personnel by taking into consideration subject matter experts where the market players have strong interest.

Important Information

We promote constructive engagement with the market players proactively from a mid-and long-term perspective, such as our initiatives to improve corporate value and strategy. However, we do not disclose the following important information during one-on-one meetings with the market players.

  • Insider Information
  • Quantitative or qualitative information about the current progression about the data which we disclose in our quarterly public disclosures including voluntary disclosed information, but not yet officially announced.
  • Quantitative or qualitative information about the outlook of the following fiscal years.

Please note that we utilize the following information for constructive engagement with the market players.

  • Regarding the financial periods already announced in public, certain non-disclosed information can be shared for constructive engagement with the market players as long as it does not directly and independently assist the market players to make their investment decisions.
  • Announced information via our public website even if it is related to the financial period which has not been disclosed yet.
  • Viewpoints pertaining to opportunities and risks to our financial results if assumptions in our financial forecasts have changed.

Quiet Period

In order to maintain our fair disclosure discipline and to protect leakage of fixed financial information before financial results are announced, we set our quiet period for 3 weeks prior to the financial results announcement date. We do not have any engagement or discussion with the market players during the quiet period. But we reply to questions regarding our public announcements during the quiet period.