Contributing Society

Our Approach

As part of our commitment to acting as a responsible corporate citizen and contributing to societal development, the Shinsei Bank Group actively promotes Corporate Philanthropic Initiatives. The Shinsei Bank Group promotes employee-driven activities aspiring to create a sustainable society together with our employees.

Our Focus

The Shinsei Bank Group aims to create a sustainable society by prioritizing our activities centered on the three themes of "nurturing the next generation," "the environment," and "disaster relief activities" after the Great East Japan Earthquake in 2011. The Shinsei Bank Group also continues to participate in charity runs and supports other activities that are strongly supported by our employees.

Our Focus:Nurturing the Next Generation, Environment, Disaster Relief

"MoneyConnection®" Financial Literacy Program

In cooperation with, an authorized speci- fied non-profit organization, the Shinsei Bank Group holds “MoneyConnection®,” a financial literacy program that aims to help more young people avoid being not in employment, education or training (NEET).

This program was developed under the understanding that “a lack of accurate knowledge regarding money and a lack of monetary sense” is one of the reasons that people lapse into a NEET situation. We offer this program with the goal of providing opportunities for high school students, primarily, to consider working, money and the future.

Over the 11 years through March 31, 2018, since the program was launched, the course has been held at 943 schools in 35 prefectures, with the cumulative number of participating students reaching 122,811. As an initiative that is characterized by its local ties, the program has also attracted strong interest from regional financial institutions and has received sponsorship from two local banks.

Post-quake Recovery Support Activities in the Tohoku Region of Japan

Soon after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Shinsei Bank Group employees began and have continued to provide support to local communities in various ways. These include traveling to the region to provide support, col- lecting donations within the Bank and opening a compa- ny market to sell food and supplies made at businesses that support the employment of handicapped individuals in Miyagi Prefecture, primarily.

Although the ways in which employees have connect- ed with the affected region have continued to change over time, our employees have continued to work to understand the current situation and to place importance on empathy while continuing to provide the support needed today into the future.

Despite having fewer opportunities to directly touch the devastation caused by the disaster in the region, during exchanges with the local residents, volunteer participants often hear about their experiences during the earthquake and about their thoughts for the future, which has served as a valuable opportunity for volunteers to reconsider recovery from the earthquake as if it was for themselves.

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