Environmental Sustainability

Measures to Conserve Electricity and Reduce Our Impact on the Environment

Shinsei Bank continues to make every effort to conserve electricity in our head office through initiatives such as turning off lights in communal spaces and using motion sensors to control lighting in conference and reception rooms throughout the year. In the summer season when demand for electricity increases, Shinsei Bank implements additional measures to minimize the use of electricity, such as reducing ceiling lighting in communal spaces in its head office by approximately 75%, implementing a "cool biz" uniform policy, optimization of air conditioning temperatures and operating hours, automatic illumination control which reacts to the levels of natural light and automatic control of the quantity of fresh air introduction depending upon indoor CO2 concentration. Additionally, Shinsei Bank is actively pursuing the further reduction of the environmental impact of its offices by relocating the Shinsei Bank headquarters in January 2011 1, the Meguro Production Center in February 2012 and the Osaka Branch in October 2013 to advanced energy-efficient buildings, and transitioning from PCs to VDI (virtual desktop interface) 2 from 2014 in all branches.

  • 1The Nihonbashi Muromachi Nomura Building where the head office is located is certified as a "top-level installation" by the "TOKYO Green Building Program" of the Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Security Ordinance.
  • 2The migration of desktop computers to VDI, describes the shift to the storing and desktop interface commonly used by businesses and storing them virtually on a server. The power consumption by this infrastructure is low, and this migration is thought to result in a reduction in power usage in comparison to a traditional desktop computer system.

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