Human Resources

"People" as an Engine for Growth

The basic strategy of our Second Medium-Term Management Plan starting in FY2013 is to achieve a new retail finance model for individual customers and support the growth of companies, industries, and regions for our corporate customers through business participation. In today's world where economies and societies are rapidly changing, it is essential that we continue to differentiate ourselves even further from our competition in order to remain as an institution which is appreciated by our customers, society, and the market. To accomplish this, it is imperative that we be able to attract and develop talented individuals who are able to put themselves in the position of our customers and consistently deliver services of unsurpassed quality and high value-added solutions. The Bank believes that "people" within the organization will be the driving force for delivering new financial services, pursuing a new Bank image, and responding to the widely varied requirements of our customers in a timely manner. Accomplishing these goals will help the Bank win customers' trust as a cohesive unit that is able to respond to their multifaceted needs, which in turn will lead to the growth of the Bank.

A Personnel System in Line with our Management Principles

The management philosophy of Shinsei Bank is "to become a banking group that is sought out by our customers, and contributes to the development of both domestic and international industrial economies, while maintaining stable profitability," "to become a banking Group that values diverse talents and cultures and is constantly taking on the challenges presented by change," and "to become a trusted banking group that has highly transparent management, and values all stakeholders." In order to achieve our management principles and strategy, Shinsei Bank has made various revisions to its personnel system, including the establishment of a highly transparent and objective system for evaluations, promotions, and remuneration and based on a "Pay for Performance" philosophy and the creation of a work environment, systems, and processes that enable each employee to fully demonstrate his or her unique qualities, skills, and personal ambitions and therefore maximize their contribution to the organization. In April 2015, we made some further improvements to our personnel system. The primary purpose of the latest changes is the strengthening of support for medium- and long-term career planning that takes into account the diversity of employees' lifestyles and ambitions. Specifically, through the introduction of a multi-track career system consisting of three courses, the Bank has succeeded in clearly defining roles which will enable employees to set their own career paths and highly transparent evaluation/compensation structure that corresponds to role expectations and career formation. The latest revision also includes a new working arrangement system that enables the Bank to respond flexibly to employees' life stages and their need for diverse work arrangements. In addition, we have introduced a more equitable package of fringe benefits that better meets the needs of today's workers. By establishing a highly transparent personnel system incorporating these revisions, we aim to heighten employee motivation and loyalty. We are confident that the revisions to our personnel system will encourage employees to demonstrate the best of their abilities, thus maximizing the organization's performance and increasing overall corporate value.

Further Strengthening our Organization and Human Resources

By employing a business group-based organization that reflects the differences in customer profiles and characteristics of individual businesses, Shinsei Bank aims to develop professionals who have a deep understanding of their respective business fields. We also believe that it is important to develop and leverage human resources company-wide, as well as facilitate a positive corporate culture, in order to encourage cross-divisional collaboration between our highly specialized staff who can deliver differentiated financial solutions and the highest value to our customers. Shinsei Bank provides various types of training programs tailored to the development of skills or the career paths of our employees, including courses designed to provide a wide range of general financial knowledge or to hone specialized knowledge and skills necessary in each field, as well as schemes that allow employees to study at graduate schools both in Japan and overseas. We also send our employees overseas for short-term training programs and encourage them to obtain qualifications. Also, in order to strengthen management capability to maximize the strength of our organization, we have implemented 360 degree feedback for employees above the rank of general manager in order to promote awareness and behavioral changes as well as expanding various skill development trainings for management level employees. Additionally, as part of our multi-faceted human resources development measures, we provide our employees with opportunities to engage in cross-organizational business on a project basis, and transfer our human resources strategically across business groups and Group companies. At the same time, we encourage our people to utilize an internal job posting program to take charge of their own career development by taking on new challenges in different fields and utilizing the "self-declaration" system that allows employees to express their satisfaction level of and suitability to their respective current positions.

Leveraging Diversity

One of Shinsei Bank's greatest strengths is the diversity of our people in terms of age, gender, nationality and back-ground. It is the creativity generated by this diverse set of people that has enabled us to launch groundbreaking services and business models, and we believe that this diversity is the source of our competitiveness.

Based on this idea, we routinely hire a number of new graduates to expand the ranks of employees from whom we expect our future leaders to emerge, while also making mid-career hires in line with business needs, and as a result we are able to continue to preserve the strengths of our diverse corporate culture. Also, since its inception, Shinsei Bank has actively promoted the advancement of talented female employees by introducing a variety of support initiatives including child-care leave, flexible working hours, and the "Shinsei Women's Network," an initiative that encourages interaction between female colleagues in the workplace. As of April 1, 2015, the proportion of female managers at Shinsei Bank remains among the highest in our industry, with women representing approximately 29% of all titled managers. We aim to raise this ratio to 35% by 2020.

In our aging society with smaller numbers of children and increasingly diversified lifestyles, we believe that respecting the differences and uniqueness of our employees and developing human resource development measures tailored to each individual's growth stage will help our employees make the best use of their abilities. We therefore are assertively promoting diversity throughout the Shinsei Group by holding various seminars and training programs, such as a leader development seminar for female employees, a career planning seminar for older employees, and a training program to stimulate the creation of new businesses and exchange of personnel with the Shinsei Group.

Shinsei Bank is committed to respecting the diversity of our people and will strive to reach new levels of organizational dynamism as we seek to provide completely new solutions to meet our customers' complex and everchanging needs.

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