Group Policy for Promotion of Philanthropic Initiatives

1. Purpose of this policy

The Group Policy for Promotion of Philanthropic Initiatives aims to define the concept and priority areas of the Shinsei Bank Group's philanthropic initiatives as well as to establish basic matters and guidelines for philanthropic initiatives to be implemented, participated or supported under the SBI Group Compliance Code of Conduct, the Charter of Shinsei Bank Group Corporate Behavior, and the Group Sustainability Management Policy.

2. Concept of Philanthropic Initiatives

The Shinsei Bank Group defines the concept of philosophic initiatives as follows.

ⅰ. As a corporate group that provides financial services to society, Shinsei Bank Group recognizes that the sound development of society is the foundation for the Group to exist. In order to fulfill our role as a "good corporate citizen" which contributes to the development of society through sustainable growth and development, the Shinsei Bank Group will actively engage in social contribution initiatives and aim to become a banking group trusted by society.

ⅱ. Philanthropy related initiatives are positioned as social contribution activities as these activities have a positive impact on the creation of a sustainable society in which employees of the Group can participate with sympathy.

ⅲ. Through philanthropic initiatives, the Shinsei Bank Group aims to develop human resources that contribute to the sustainable development of society as well as to build up teamwork for employees across group companies.

ⅳ. Through philanthropic initiatives, the Shinsei Bank Group contributes to solving social issues by building a network with society through collaboration with its partners and organizations it supports.

3. Priority Areas for Philanthropic Initiatives

In accordance with the Group Sustainability Management Policy, the Group defines the following priority areas for philanthropic initiatives in order to achieve environmental and social sustainability.

ⅰ. Promote social diversity activities including nurturing the next generation and activities to support people including those with disabilities and children as well as young people who will create the future

ⅱ. Environmental preservation activities to protect the global environment where we live

ⅲ. Activities to contribute to local communities including development of good relationships with local communities and promotion of coexistence with local communities

4. Guidelines for Philanthropic Initiatives

The Shinsei Bank Group promotes philanthropic initiatives based on the following guidelines.

ⅰ. The Group believes that social contribution activities are an important means of fulfilling its responsibilities to contribute to the development of society.

ⅱ. The Group fulfills the responsibilities of the initiative outline in Item i above by increasing corporate value through the maintenance of highly transparent and sound management, including the recording of long-term and stable earnings, thereby contributing to the development of society, and by cooperating with the Group's stakeholders and society as a whole through the implementation of philanthropic initiatives.

ⅲ. The Group actively and continuously engages in philanthropic initiatives in the areas where it can effectively utilize its management resources.

ⅳ. The Group appropriately evaluates the philanthropic initiatives it has implemented, compiles them in various reports and disclose them widely inside and outside the Group.

ⅴ. The Group actively supports and encourages employees to participate in philanthropic initiatives.

5. Support Employees' Participation in Philanthropic Initiatives

In light of the objectives of the Group Policy for Promotion of Philanthropic Initiatives, the Group actively provides support to employees when they participate in philanthropic initiatives that are deemed appropriate. (*)
(*) The support provided shall be based on the internal rules of each Group company applicable to the relevant employee.

6. Criteria for Contributions to Disaster Relief

The Shinsei Bank Group has established the following criteria for contributions to disaster relief.

ⅰ. In the event of a large-scale disaster, such as an earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, storm and flood disaster, the government provides relief to those affected by the large-scale disaster and utilize disaster relief funds to support recovery and reconstruction of the affected areas as one of the support measures based on the spirit of corporate social responsibility and social contribution.

ⅱ. For disasters occurring in Japan, as a general rule, those designated as "specified disasters" will be classified as the criteria for donations.

ⅲ. Disasters occurred overseas are determined, in principle, are the ones for which the Japan Red Cross Society collects relief funds and are considered along with the relationship between the disaster-stricken areas and the business operations of the Group.

ⅳ. In principle, the Japan Red Cross Society is the source of donations.

ⅴ. The amount of donations shall be determined in consultation with the relevant divisions of each Group company.