Initiatives for Employees

At the Shinsei Bank Group, we are constantly reviewing our human resource systems and measures, recognizing that the most important task for organizational growth is for all employees to demonstrate their abilities and to be motivated in their work. In order to provide optimal value to our customers, we are working to develop and fully utilize human resources, while fostering an organizational culture as a whole Group.

The Shinsei Bank Group's Personnel Strategy

At the Shinsei Bank Group, we believe that human resources with diverse characteristics and values can continue to create new value as an organizational unit by recognizing and accepting each other's existence and leveraging everyone's respective strengths.

In fiscal 2021, we will promote structuring systems and a corporate culture that will enable us to acquire and retain diverse human resources that realize continuous value creation under the new normal. In terms of recruitment, we respect the idea of referral recruitment through introductions from Shinsei Bank Group employees and the career development of each individual, and we accept them in the form of re-employment, where they retire from the Group and take a job at another company, and also provide a place for alumni, a network of retirees, to interact. In addition, we will allow side work/concurrent work, and freelance work outside the Group for personnel working at other companies. Within the Group, we will make maximum use of human resources by fostering a flexible personnel system that enables diverse human resources to thrive, and a corporate culture that accepts and utilizes diversity. Through these measures, we will acquire and utilize the human resources necessary for continuous value creation in various forms from within and outside the Group.

In April 2021, five Shinsei Bank Group companies* formulated an action plan based on Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children, for two years starting in 2021. The Group set two common targets to create an environment and foster an organizational culture in which all employees working at the Group can demonstrate their abilities and play an active role while striving to harmonize their work and lifestyles.
Target 1: To ensure that employees raising children, regardless of gender, continue to grow while working and raising children, make employees aware of various human resource systems, support information exchanges between the peer groups, provide information on career development before and after childcare, provide training, etc.
Target 2: To foster a corporate culture in which all employees can work and live in harmony with each other, raise awareness of workplace priorities and to improve the stereotyped consciousness of gender roles.

  • * Shinsei Bank, Ltd.; Showa Leasing Co., Ltd.; Shinsei Investment & Finance Limited; APLUS FINANCIAL Co., Ltd.; Shinsei Financial Co., Ltd.

History of Shinsei Bank Group's Diversity and Inclusion (D&I)

To realize sustainable value creation, the Shinsei Bank Group promotes diversity by strengthening and utilizing capabilities as a pillar of the management strategy.

In February 2018, we established the Diversity Promotion Department to address issues such as promoting women's active participation, realizing diverse workstyles, promoting and utilizing diverse careers, and promoting the active participation of diverse human resources. We introduced a remote work as an example for promoting diverse workstyles in April 2018. In fiscal 2020, we greatly expanded the number of locations where employees could choose to work outside of their home, such as by utilizing satellite offices and introducing "workactions" (work + vacation). In fiscal 2020, 99.8% of our employees used teleworking system at least once last fiscal year. In addition, we are creating an environment in which employees can work in their own way with satisfaction and fulfillment by enhancing their workstyles in order for them to continually enhance their performance, by introducing various options such as self-directed flextime, life support leave, and the complete abolition of dress codes. To enhance diverse careers, we started allowing employees to engage in both side work and concurrent work as the first among the domestic financial institutions so that employees are able to link learning outside the company or in a place away from business for individual growth and innovation of the organization.

Shinsei Bank Group's Mindset on Working Styles

The Shinsei Bank Group aims to create a workplace where employees can work freely without being constrained by their life stages, life events, and other factors, and without being tied to the time of day or place of work. In addition to daily workstyles such as working hours and place of work, we have been offering variety of working styles for career growth plans, including side work and concurrent work, re-employment, and in-house recruitment. We believe that respecting each other and demonstrating respective strengths by members with diverse backgrounds and values is the source of our continued organizational strength in an uncertain environment.

Employment Initiatives for Persons with Disabilities

There are 84 people with disabilities working in various Shinsei Group workplaces (as of April 1, 2021), based on the idea that personnel with diverse values should be able to harness their individuality and work together in the same workplace, rather than separating people with disabilities from those without disabilities. In October 2020, we joined Accessibility Consortium of Enterprises (ACE), which was established with the aim of setting up a new model for the employment of people with disabilities. In March 2021, the Group endorsed The Valuable 500, an international initiative to promote the active participation of people with disabilities.

Efforts for Employee Health

The Shinsei Bank Group is working to maintain and improve the health of employees and create a safe and comfortable working environment by linking the activities of the Health Committee and industrial health, in accordance with laws related to occupational health and safety. The health management promotion section of the Group Human Resources Division is working to promote employees? health management. Each Group company?s health management committee, the Health Management Promotion Committee, and the Health Insurance Association are actively involved in and collaborate with the Health Development Center, industrial physicians, and public health nurses to create a viable system. In January 2021, the Group formulated the Shinsei Bank Group Health and Management Declaration to create a workplace where employees can work happily and with satisfaction both mentally and physically, and are able to demonstrate their abilities. The Declaration stipulates priority measures, including the use of paid leave and consecutive leave, and further promotes healthcare management. In March 2021, we were certified as one of ?the outstanding organizations in Health & Productivity Management 2021? by the Ministry of Economy and Nippon Kenko Kaigi, as a company that implements healthconscious management for its employees.

Support for Male Childcare

As an initiative to support childcare, we have been incorporating support for balancing work and childcare for male employees as performance evaluation items for evaluators. In addition, we introduced the Hagukumi Leave program, which provides employees with 20 days of special leave from the time of their spouse's pregnancy until their child reaches the age of two, and made it mandatory for them to take 15 days of paid leave. In fiscal 2020, the number of employees who took Hagukumi Leave was 136.

List of Shinsei Bank's work-style reform-related programs

System Details
Self-Directed Flex-Time Allows employees to start or finish work up to two hours earlier or later than normal starting or ending times in increments of 30 minutes
Work from Home Allows employees working for an unlimited number of days from their home or a relative?s home (within two degrees of kinship)
Side Work/Concurrent Work Allows employees to concurrently engage in personal business (outsourcing, business start-up, company executive, etc.) or work concurrently for another company
Commuting by Bicycle Allows employees to commute by bicycle
Half-Day Paid Time Off Allows employees to take time off in half-day increments during designated hours in the morning or afternoon
Hourly Paid Time Off Allows employees to take time off up to five days per year and up to four hours per day in one-hour increments (in combination with half-day paid time off)
Special Leave to Male Employees for Childbirth Allows for 20 days leave after spouse?s pregnancy up to the child reaches two years old (allows employees to take leave on a split basis or in half-day units)
Life Support Leave Allows employees to take a leave of absence for reasons including childcare, family care, study abroad, fertility treatment, spouse work transfer, etc., not covered by existing frameworks
Maternity Leave Female employees can take leave six weeks prior to childbirth and eight weeks following childbirth
Childcare Leave Allows employees to take leave for childcare up to the child reaches two years old
Family Care Leave In principle, employees can take up to a total of one year (365 days) off to care for each family member who requires care
  • (Note) Only employees satisfying certain conditions are eligible for the programs above.

Establishment of Diversity Promotion Targets

Since fiscal 2020, we have set diversity promotion targets as a part of performance evaluations for managers with subordinates to promote diversity in the Group more rapidly and steadily. In fiscal 2020, we introduced our own goals on the Group?s intranet to learn from the efforts of other departments.

Active Participation of Women

Shinsei Bank President and Chief Executive Officer Hideyuki Kudo supports the ?Declaration on Action by a Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in which Women Shine? advocated by the Cabinet Office. In addition, we are actively promoting women's career through the signing of the Women's Empowerment Principles, participation in the 30% Club Japan, and support for the Keidanren's "Challenge Initiatives for 30% of Executives to be Women by 2030." The Group Women?s Activity Promotion Committee, established in February 2018, is composed mainly of the top management of business divisions and directors of Group companies, and is strongly driving the promotion of the active participation of women in the Group. In addition, five Shinsei Bank Group companies formulated ?The Action Plan for Promoting Active Participation of Women,? for three years starting in fiscal 2020. The Group set the following common targets to promote highly effective initiatives for promoting the active participation of women in the workplace with a sense of speed across the Group.

Holding Shinsei Girls Day

In October 2020, we invited Ms. Kathy Matsui (former Vice Chairman of Goldman Sachs Japan Co., Ltd.) to give a lecture to our employees and we held Shinsei Girls Day in an online format. Ms. Matsui advised Group employees on Womanomics and the points for raising female employees based on her own experience at the lecture entitled "The Importance of Womanomics." At Shinsei Girls Day, held after the lecture, young female employees became facilitators at an event that invited junior high school, high school, and university students from Shinsei Bank Group's business partners. They answered questions from participants and held a quiz competition related to the Group to create opportunities for the participants to feel familiar with the Group and working women.

Joined Ikuboss Company Alliance

In March 2021, the Shinsei Bank Group joined the Ikuboss Company Alliance, chaired by Fathering Japan, a specified nonprofit corporation. This program aims to foster senior managers who can enjoy their own work and personal life while considering the work-life balance of subordinates and staff who work together in the workplace and supporting the careers and lives of subordinates, while achieving the results of the organization.

The Shinsei Bank Group?s Action Plan Based on the Act on Promotion of Women?s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (From April 2020 to March 31, 2023)

Target Ratio of Women in Management Positions (Senior Manager or Above) (as of March 1, 2020)

Action Plan to Promote Active Participation of Women

Click to download Shinsei Bank Group's Action Plan to Promote Active Participation of Women

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