Initiatives for Employees

The Shinsei Bank Group regards HR-related matters as one of the most important tasks for the growth of the organization. Therefore, we implement ongoing reviews of our existing systems and initiatives. To provide optimal value to our customers, the entire Group is working together across departments and groups to develop and utilize personnel and foster an organizational culture.

The Shinsei Bank Group's Personnel Strategy

Our Medium-Term Strategies “Redesigning Finance,” one of our basic strategies is to pursue the strengthening and leveraging of organizational capabilities that are the source of corporate growth.

Hideyuki Kudo
President and Chief Executive Officer

The Shinsei Bank Group provides financial products and services to corporate and individual customers while collaborating under integrated management. We also conduct reviews of the Group’s financial functions from the customer’s point of view, and aim to create new businesses that extend beyond existing frameworks based on customers’ true needs. Financial needs of customers are diversifying, and the way of providing services is also changing due to the evolution of digital technologies. What we have to do now is to “redesign” our financial business and break away from the ideas and organizational structure bound by existing frameworks.

We are working to have all employees contribute even more value to the Group by maximizing their individual strengths and through the optimal utilization of personnel on a Group-wide basis in addition to helping employees develop their skills. Starting in fiscal 2018, we began using a common performance evaluation system across the Group as a part of our efforts to bolster talent management. Moreover, we aim to maximize group performance while creating new financial services as we integrate the Group’s various financial functions.

Promoting Diversity and the Active Participation of Women in the Workplace

In order to create sustainable value, the Shinsei Bank Group is promoting diversity, focusing on strengthening and utilizing capabilities as a pillar of its management strategies.

In April 2018, we introduced a teleworking system as an example of promoting diverse work styles. In addition, we are working to create an environment in which employees can work in their own way with satisfaction and fulfillment by enhancing their work styles in order to generate continuous good performance, by introducing various options such as self-directed flex-time, life support leave, and the complete abolition of dress codes. To enhance diverse careers, we started allowing employees to engage in both side work and concurrent work as the first among the domestic financial institutions so that employees will be able to link the learning outside the company or in the place away from business with individual growth and innovation of the organization.

Trend in Female Manager Ratio at Shinsei Bank

Shinsei Bank President and Chief Executive Officer Hideyuki Kudo supports the “Declaration on Action by a Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in which Women Shine” advocated by the Cabinet Office. The Group Women’s Activity Promotion Committee, established in February 2018, is developing a variety of career development systems to promote female employees in the workplace, including providing training opportunities. In addition, five Shinsei Bank Group companies*1 formulated “Action Plan for Promoting Active Participation of Women,” for three years starting in fiscal 2020. The Group set the following common targets in order to promote highly effective initiatives for promoting the active participation by women in the workplace with a sense of speed across the Group.

  • *1 Shinsei Bank, Ltd.; Showa Leasing Co., Ltd.; Shinsei Investment & Finance Limited; APLUS FINANCIAL Co., Ltd.; Shinsei Financial Co., Ltd.
The Shinsei Bank Group’s Action Plan Based on the Act on Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace (From April 2020 to March 31, 2023)
Target Ratio of Women in Management Positions (Senior Manager or Above) (as of March 1, 2020)

Action Plan to Promote Active Participation of Women

Click to download Shinsei Bank Group's Action Plan to Promote Active Participation of Women

Employment Initiatives for Persons with Disabilities

There are 100 people with disabilities working in various Shinsei Group workplaces (as of March 31, 2020), basedon the idea that personnel with diverse values should be able to harness their individuality and work together in the same workplaces, rather than separating from each other people with disabilities and those without disabilities. In order to maintain a working environment and systems whereby people with disabilities can work with peace of mind for many years, and in order to expand opportunities for continuous active participation based on the circumstances of each individual, the Bank assigns such employees to workplaces in accordance with their individual characteristics.

Support for Male Childcare

Since fiscal 2020, the Shinsei Bank Group has been placing even greater emphasis on supporting the childcare of male employees. By creating an environment in which employees can choose flexible working styles according to their life stages, regardless of gender, and diverse human resources can play an active role, we aim to improve teamwork and organizational capabilities and strengthen our ability to respond to future life events that all team members may encounter. As initiatives to support childcare, we have been expanding our existing childcare leave system, and since fiscal 2020 we have been incorporating support for balancing work and childcare for male employees as performance evaluation items for evaluators. In October 2019, Shinsei Bank received the Kurumin certification from the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare as a childcare support company. In the Shinsei Bank Group, Shinsei Financial was certified as Platinum Kurumin in 2018.

L List of Shinsei Bank's work-style reform-related programs

System Details
Self-Directed Flex-Time Allows employees to start or finish work up to two hours earlier or later than normal starting or ending times in increments of 30 minutes
Work from Home Allows employees working for an unlimited number of days from their home or a relative’s home (within two degrees of kinship)
Side Work/Concurrent Work Allows employees to concurrently engage in personal business (outsourcing, business start-up, company executive, etc.) or work concurrently for another company
Half-Day Paid Time Off Allows employees to take time off in half-day increments during designated hours in the morning or afternoon
Hourly Paid Time Off Allows employees to take time off up to five days per year and up to four hours per day in one-hour increments (in combination with half-day paid time off)
Special leave system for spouses at the time of giving birth Allows for 20 days leave after spouse’s pregnancy up to the child reaches two years old (allows employees to take leave on a split basis or in half-day units)
Life Support Leave Allows employees to take a leave of absence for reasons including childcare, family care, study abroad, fertility treatment, spouse work transfer, etc., not covered by existing frameworks
Maternity Leave Female employees can take leave six weeks prior to childbirth and eight weeks following childbirth
Childcare Leave Allows employees to take leave for childcare up to the child reaches two years old
Family Care Leave In principle, employees can take up to a total of one year (365 days) off to care for each family member who requires care
  • (Note) Only employees satisfying certain conditions are eligible to take the systems noted above

Employee Health Initiatives

The Shinsei Bank Group is working to maintain and improve the health of its employees and create a safe and comfortable working environment by linking the activities of the Health Committee and industrial health, in accordance with laws related to occupational health and safety. We also use stress checks to understand the health risks of individual organizational units based on organizational analyses of each Group company, and take actions to improve them. Shinsei Bank has established a Health Development Center, which provides daily health management and health guidance. The Health Development Center is staffed with full-time industrial physicians. In addition, Shinsei Bank and Showa Leasing received the Silver award for the Gan (cancer) Ally Award 2019, a private-sector project called the Gan Ally Bu that addresses the issue of cancer and employment, which was established to create a workplace and society where people with cancer can work vigorously while treating them.

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