ESG Information Index

Management Genera

Management Genera Management Principles
The Charter of Shinsei Bank Group Corporate Behavior
(Including corruption prevention and bribery prevention)
Shinsei Bank Group Code of Conduct1
Group ESG Management Policy
Medium- to Long-Term Vision
Medium-Term Strategies
IR/SR Policy of Shinsei Bank Group


Corporate Governance Policies for Initiatives Concerning the "Corporate Governance Code"
Corporate Governance Report
Compliance Basic Policy against Antisocial Forces
Shinsei Bank Group Policy on Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism
Data Security Basic Policy Concerning Protection of Personal Information
Social Media Policy
Foreign Exchange Transaction Policy
Tax Governance Global Tax Policy
Risk Governance Risk Management


Basic Stance Group ESG Management Policy
Human Rights Group Human Rights Policy
Action Plan to Promote Active Participation of Women
Customer Policy on Customer-Oriented Business Conduct and Action Plan
Financial Facilitation Initiatives
Contribution to Society Approach for Corporate Philanthropic Activities


Basic Stance Group ESG Management Policy
Promotion of ESG Group ESG Management Policy
Stance for Investment and Loan to Specific Business Businesses which are prohibited from New Transaction:
  • Investment and lending transactions connected with anti-social forces
  • Investment and lending transactions connected with the violation of laws and regulations or aimed at illegal acts or evasion or circumvention of laws
  • Investment and lending contrary to public order or morals
  • Investment and lending to companies producing cluster bombs
  • Investment and lending to coal-fired thermal power plants
    (including provisionary clause)
Approach for nvironment Impact of Own Company Saving Electricity and Lowering Environment Impact

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