For Shareholders and Investors

Basic IR/SR Policy for Fiscal 2021

  • Further enhance of disclosure
  • Expansion of investor base
  • Communication with stakeholders by using ESG evaluation to improve mid- / long-cprporate value
  • Enrich information disclosure bt enhancing video communication

Basic IR/SR Policy for Fiscal 2020

  • Enhancing engagement with passive investors (proxy managers, ESG managers)
  • Targeting active investors and selection of new investor candidates
  • Promoting ?ESG as a Business? from an IR/SR perspective among executives and employees
  • Review of IR/SR operations in response to the new normal

IR / SR Activities (Fiscal 2020 Results)

Financial results briefings and telephone conferences 8 times
IR Day Once
Investors participation in live-streamed IR Day/th> Approx. 190
Small group meeting on integrated report Once
Engagement interviews with ESG representatives, proxy voting officers, advisory companies, etc. 15 times
Lectures by market participants and experts for Board of Directors Once
IR / SR activity reporting at Board of Directors? meetings, Group Executive Committee meetings and General Manager meetings, and issuance of IR / SR report for employees 6 times

Top Management's Commitment to IR / SR (number of IR / SR meetings in Fiscal 2020)

CEO Executive Officers IR/SR Officers Total
46 63 79 188
24% 34% 42% 100%

Fiscal 2020 Achievements and Challenges

The number of meetings with shareholders and investors in fiscal 2020 was 188, decreasing from 224 in fiscal 2019. However, the number of meetings in fiscal 2020, excluding 70 IR meetings held in fiscal 2019 following the sale of shares by a major shareholder, increased compared with fiscal 2019.

Due to the impact of the Novel Coronavirus infections, communication with shareholders and investors has primarily been through online channels. We also held IR meetings with overseas investors during earlymorning and late-night hours. As a result of the virtual IR meetings, we were able to interact with overseas investors in regions where it was difficult to visit from the viewpoint of efficiency at the conventional business trip-based IR meetings. On the other hand, it has been difficult to overcome time differences, and this poses challenges for setting interviews with investors in North America and Europe.

Domestically, in meetings with institutional investors, we increased the number of SR-related meetings between responsible investment managers and the Bank?s management, and increased opportunities to meet with bond investors in conjunction with the issuance of sustainability bonds. Regarding IR/SR activities for individual shareholders and investors, the number of participants at the 20th Annual General Meeting of Shareholders held on June 17, 2020 increased year on year for the first time in four years, thanks to live distribution via the Internet.

For Shinsei IR Day, we distributed presentation videos in advance on the Internet and focused on Q&A sessions on IR Day. In the unsecured loan business for individual customers and institutional businesses, we provided an explanation on "invisible value" as a theme. We also introduced UDC Finance Limited, New Zealand's largest nonbank institution that has recently become a member of the Shinsei Bank Group.

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