For Shareholders and Investors

Basic IR/SR Policy for Fiscal 2020

  • Enhance engagement with passive investors (in charge of exercising voting rights and in charge of ESG)
  • Target active investors and select potential new investors
  • Promote “ESG as a business” to executives and employees from the perspective of IR/SR
  • Review of IR/SR operations in response to the new normal

Basic IR/SR Activities Policy for Fiscal 2019

  • Improve the accuracy in targeting potential investors
  • Improve the quality of information disseminated internally and externally by strengthening competitive analysis functions, etc.
  • Strengthen the engagement interview approach with investors and analysts

IR / SR Activities (Fiscal 2019 Results)

Financial results briefings and telephone conferences 8 times
IR Day Once
Participation in live-streamed IR conferences (Total of domestic and overseas) Approx. 270
Small group meeting on integrated report Once
Interviews with ESG representatives, investment officers and advisory companies 11 times
Briefings for individual investors (at branches of securities companies) 3 times
Lectures by market participants and experts for directors, executive officers, and general managers 3 times
IR / SR activity reporting at Board of Directors’ meetings, Group Executive Committee meetings and General Manager meetings, and issuance of IR / SR report for employees 5 times

Top Management's Commitment to IR / SR (number of IR / SR meetings in Fiscal 2019)

CEO Executive Officers IR/SR Officers Total
73 89 62 224
33% 40% 27% 100%

Fiscal 2019 Achievements and Challenges

Increase in Number of Meetings with IR/SR Investors

The number of meetings increased by 8% year on year due to the sale of shares by major shareholders in August 2019 and the resulting changes in the shareholders composition, which resulted in more active engagement with persons in charge of exercising voting rights and advisory companies for exercising voting rights. In light of the impact of the MiFID 2 and the decline in demand for Japanese financial stocks continues, we will continue to focus on cultivating new investors.

Improving the Quality of Meetings with IR/SR Investors

In Fiscal 2019, we exchanged useful opinions by engaging with the responsible investment officers (persons in charge of exercising voting rights) of domestic institutional investors with our management. By further enhancing the accuracy in targeting potential investors, we will engage in meaningful dialogue with responsible investment officers and active investors who analyze companies from a medium- to long-term perspective. We will use the Integrated Report as a tool for this dialogue to highlight the features of Shinsei Bank from both the financial and nonfinancial perspectives.

Expansion of Explanations of Nonfinancial Information

We held the Shinsei IR Day in February 2020. The Executive Officers in charge of focused areas of the Medium-Term Management Strategy made presentations and explained to investors the progress of the focused areas. The Shinsei IR Day was held in both Japanese and English through live audio streaming, and investor inquiries were accepted online as well as responding to them live. In the second integrated report, which was published in 2019, we enhanced the disclosure on our Medium-Term Management Strategy, materiality, and ESG information. Subsequently, we exchanged opinions at the “Integrated Report Small Group Meeting” with domestic equity and debt investors who have a strong interest in ESG. Consequently, Shinsei Bank’s Integrated Report was selected as the “Excellent Integrated Report” (for the second consecutive year) and the “Most-improved Integrated Report” by the Government Pension Investment Fund (GPIF). In IR/SR activities, we are aware of the increasing importance of explaining business initiatives to address sustainability issues that take into account not only governance but also the materiality of the Shinsei Bank Group. Going forward, we will continue to share the opinions of investors to the management and employees, and endeavor to communicate management information to outside company clearly.

ESG Investors’ Seminar for the Shinsei Bank Group’s ESG Officers

A seminar by an ESG investor regarding the “understanding, initiatives, disclosure, and dialogue which the ESG investors expect toward companies” was held for ESG officers in the Shinsei Bank Group companies. The officers who are engaging in the initiatives concerning climate change or human rights in the divisions such as corporate planning, businesses, HR, risk management, general services, participated in the seminar and had an active Q&A session. We will continue to provide opportunities for direct communication on opinions from various frontrunners in the capital markets to our management and employees, and we hope that IR / SR / ESG information is helpful to our management.

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