For Shareholders and Investors

Fiscal 2018 IR/SR Strategy

  • Create environment for the CEO to engage in constructive dialogue with the market
  • Issue Integrated Report and proactively utilize this in dialogue with the market
  • Create environment to facilitate the utilization of IR/SR/ESG information as management information
  • Promote mutual communication between investors/analysts and the company from only feedback from them
  • Enhance communication with those in charge of exercising voting rights and those charged with the responsibility of shareholder stewardship

IR Activities (Fiscal 2018 Results)

Individual meetings (including individual meetings at conferences) 208 (127 companies)
Participation in conferences held by securities companies (Total of domestic and overseas) 5 times
Financial results briefings and telephone conferences 8 times
Number of participants at financial briefing session (including live streaming) More than 280
Dialogue with directors, executive officers and managers by market participants and experts 3 times
IR activity reporting at Board of Directors' meetings, Group Executive Committee meetings and General Manager meetings 5 times

Top Management's Commitment to IR (Number of IR Meetings in Fiscal 2018)

CEO Executive Officers IR/SR Officers Total
58 79 71 208
28% 38% 34% 100%

FY2018 Achievements and Issues

The number of repeated meetings between the CEO and the same investors declined while the number of meetings with executive officers remained at the same level of last fiscal year. The number of meetings with IR representatives declined due primarily to reduction of research costs for investors since the introduction of MiFID2 and a decline in appetite for Japanese financial stocks. In fiscal 2019 we plan to focus on cultivating new investors by refining our targeting methodology. We commenced full-fledged engagement by the CEO and executive officers in charge of IR with proxy voting advisory firms and the responsible investment officers of domestic institutional investors. In fiscal 2019, we aim to strengthen the framework for engagement meetings with investors and analysts.
We issued our first Integrated Report and the CEO conducted an Integrated Report Roadshow both in Japan and overseas. Our Integrated Report was selected as an "Excellent Integrated Report" by asset managers of GPIF (Government Pension Investment Fund) who are entrusted with domestic equity investment. Feedback of IR information to employees of the Group has been enhanced in addition of reporting to the management. For example, we issued IR reports for the employees, and organized seminars on ESG by the subject matter experts and market valuation of the Group by the market participants. Through the dialogue with investors about ESG, we will make more efforts on supporting each business line to resolve social issues.

Formulation of Group ESG Management Policy

The Company formulated a "Group ESG Management Policy" which clarifies the basic concepts and direction of the Shinsei Bank Group's efforts to address environmental and social issues. In addition to our basic approach to corporate governance, social issues, and environmental issues, the Policy also clearly defines our approach to investment and financing in both ESG and specific businesses (please refer to page 46 for the "Group ESG Management Policy").

Feature: IR/SR Seminars for the Management Given Market Participants and Experts

We initiated numerous events to receive direct feedback from the market, as a part of measures to utilize IR, SR and ESG information as an important management tool and also to promote on an exchange of information and dialogue based on feedback from investors and analysts. For instance, a buy-side analyst discussed with the Board of Directors about integration of ESG and investment, and a subject matter expert illustrated new trends in disclosing nonfinancial information in the medium-term management plan at the presentation to the executives. Furthermore, a sell-side analyst provided the managers with a market view on the Group. We will continue to create opportunities to directly provide the Group with opinions of the capital market and encourage to make the most of IR, SR and ESG information for the Group's management.

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