Social Initiatives

Our Approach

As a corporate group that provides financial services to society, the Shinsei Bank Group is aware that the healthy development of society is the foundation for the Group's continued existence. As such, we actively promote Corporate Philanthropic Initiatives as part of our commitment to acting as a responsible corporate citizen and contributing to the development of a sustainable society.

The Shinsei Bank Group promotes employee-driven philanthropic activities, whereby approximately 330 employees throughout the entire Group participated in 33 activities in fiscal 2018 (ended March 31, 2019).

"MoneyConnection®" Financial Literacy Program

specified nonprofit organization, the Shinsei Bank Group holds "MoneyConnection®," a financial literacy program that aims to help younger people avoid situations where they are not in employment, education or training (NEET).

This program was developed with the understanding that "a lack of accurate knowledge regarding money and a lack of monetary sense" is one of the reasons that people lapse into a NEET situation. We offer this program with the goal of providing opportunities, mainly to high school students, who are facing the first big choice in their lives regarding their future paths to enable them to consider work, monetary aspects, and the future.

No. of Schools Where the Program Was Held No. of Student Participants

Employees are able to participate as class supporters at high schools, and through the pre-program orientation where they learn about the background of the program and about the situation facing youths. In addition, through their interactions with students in the classroom, employees are able to learn about how the risk of young people lapsing into NEET situations, which has a big impact on society, is a social issue that ought to be addressed.

Since this unique program that connects youth with society was launched in 2007, the program has expanded to cover 37 prefectures. The Shinsei Bank Group will continue to proactively support the program, so that even more students have an opportunity to take the course.

Post-quake Recovery Support Activities in the Tohoku Region of Japan

Stall within the Bank

Soon after the Great East Japan Earthquake, Shinsei Bank Group employees began and have continued to provide support to local communities in various ways. These include traveling to the region to provide support, collecting internal donations and opening a stall within the Bank to sell food and supplies made at businesses that support the employment of handicapped individuals in Miyagi Prefecture.

Although the ways in which employees have connected with the affected region have continued to change over time, our employees have continued to work to understand the current situation and to place importance on empathy while continuing to provide the kind of support that is required at each particular point in time.

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