Social Initiatives

Concept of Social Contribution Activities

The Shinsei Bank Group considers social contribution activities to be "activities that have a positive impact on the creation of a sustainable society in which employees of the Group can participate with sympathy," and engages actively in these activities.

As a corporate group that provides financial services to society, we are aware that the sound development of the society is the foundation of the Group's existence. We are fulfilling our role as a good corporate citizen that contributes to the development of society through sustainable growth and development. We are also aiming for value co-creation through collaboration with our partners.

Expansion of "MoneyConnection®" Financial Literacy Program

"MoneyConnection®," a financial literacy program which Shinsei Bank Group developed in collaboration with NPO-SODATEAGE-NET, an authorized specified nonprofit organization ("SODATEAGE-NET"), consists of programs based on the assumption of face-to face implementation. So far, we have made numerous achievements in various regions in the form of school visits. The needs of schools are becoming increasingly diverse due to changes in the social situation caused by the COVID-19 outbreak, and a system that can respond to these needs is becoming increasingly necessary.

In the autumn of 2020, we began using an online conferencing system to make improvements. In addition, in January 2022 we launched the MoneyConnection® e-program, a Web application that enables us to implement programs without face-to-face meetings.

We also expect that the expansion of the implementation method may lead to delivering the program to young people who cannot be connected by conventional on site classes without restrictions on location or time. We will consider more meaningful development methods.

Using MoneyConnection® to Co-Create Value with Shinsei Bank Group, SODATEAGE-NET and Ashinaga Foundation

The Shinsei Bank Group is cooperating with SODATEAGE-NET and the Ashinaga Foundation ("Ashinaga") to support scholarships using MoneyConnection®.

In December 2021, we conducted a face-to-face program for 65 college students entering the Ashinaga KOKORO JUKU, a dormitory operated by Ashinaga. A very simple message that the "money is necessary to live" seemed to be conveyed to the students with a sense of conviction. During the review at the end of the program, we were able to see them actively discussing while sharing their respective awareness and impressions. Ashinaga is considering the continuous use of MoneyConnection®.

The Shinsei Bank Group intends to continue activities to create and expand support for value co-creation initiatives that link partners with other partners.

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