Social Initiatives

Our Approach

The Shinsei Bank Group considers social contribution activities to be "activities that have a positive impact on the creation of a sustainable society in which employees of the Group can participate with sympathy," and will actively engage in these activities. As a corporate group that provides financial services to society, we are aware that the sound development of society is the foundation of the Group's existence. We are fulfilling our role as a good corporate citizen that contributes to the development of society through sustainable growth and development. We are also aiming for "value cocreation" through active collaboration with our partners.

"MoneyConnection®" Financial Literacy Program

In cooperation with, an authorized specified nonprofit organization, the Shinsei Bank Group holds ?MoneyConnection®,? a financial literacy program that aims to help younger people avoid situations where they are not in employment, education or training (NEET).

This program was developed with the understanding that ?a lack of accurate knowledge regarding money and a lack of monetary sense? is one of the reasons that people lapse into a NEET situation. With high school students as the main target, the program aims to provide opportunities for students to think about their relationship with people and their connection to society with ?money and work? in the beginning, and to turn their eyes to future options and self-reliant lifestyles. Employees are able to participate as class supporters at high schools, and through the pre-program orientation where they learn about the background of the program and about the situation facing youths.

As a unique program linking young people and society, the number of programs implemented not only in schools but also in rehabilitation facilities such as young people support facilities and juvenile training schools has increased. In addition, the ?value as an opportunity? that enables young people and their supporters to deepen mutual understanding and build relationships of trust is being appreciated. We will continue to actively support the program, so that even more students have an opportunity to take the course.

Value co-creation with Ashinaga Foundation

In May 2020, the Shinsei Bank Group donated 10 million yen to the Ashinaga Foundation (?Ashinaga?) to support students to go to school and their livelihood as part of the Group?s approach to deal with Novel Coronavirus infection.

In a dialogue with Ashinaga Foundation, we were told that they would like to provide scholarships to students who intend to continue to repay their scholarships over a long period of time with the opportunity to think about "money" at an early stage, and introduced the financial literacy program, MoneyConnection? that Shinsei Bank Group is developing with the authorized specified nonprofit organization, Subsequently, in October 2020, we held a trial for prospective scholars, and in February 2021, we held an experience session for staff who are in charge of supporting scholars. As a result, the experience session for staff became a handson event to understand the background, history, and management policy of development in addition to the content of MoneyConnection?. The Shinsei Bank served as an intermediary for people with the desire to support young people.

In March 2021, the staff members of Ashinaga gave a lecture via an online seminar for employees of the Shinsei Bank Group. While the seminar became an opportunity for employees to learn a real social issue that emerged as a result of the Novel Coronavirus disaster, Ashinaga staff members were impressed by the feedback received from our employees.

Since fiscal 2021, MoneyConnection? has been introduced as a scholarship support program for Ashinaga, and online sessions are scheduled to allow many scholars to participate.

Going forward, we will continue to support socially meaningful activities while continuing to engage in such exchanges and promote the creation of better relationships so that we can contribute to the creation of new value through collaboration.

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