Company with Board of Statutory Auditors


Shinsei Bank has established a corporate governance framework as a "Company with an Audit & Supervisory Board" ( kansayakukai-setchi-gaisha ). This model aims to ensure appropriate managerial decision-making and business implementation in order to establish a corporate governance framework with sufficient organizational checking functions. We aim to achieve this through the following two key actions:
1) Consolidating business execution authorities and responsibilities in the Board of Directors; and
2) Assigning Audit & Supervisory Board Members and an Audit & Supervisory Board that are independent of the Board of Directors auditing duties that include auditing of the Board of Directors. In addition to this, we have adopted an Executive Officer system which ensures the fl exibility of our day to day business execution.

Reasons for Nomination of Outside Directors

Name Reason for Nomination
Outside Director
J. Christopher Flowers
Reflect in the Bank's management his experience and expertise in the financial service industry as a whole
Outside Director
Ernest M. Higa *
Reflect in the Bank's management his experience and deep insight of business for consumers
Outside Director
Shigeru Kani *
Reflect in the Bank's management his expertise in the risk management area and his extensive knowledge concerning banking operations
Outside Director
Jun Makihara *
Reflect in the Bank's management his extensive knowledge of finance and his domestic and international experience
Outside Director
Ryuichi Tomimura *
Reflect in the Banks management his extensive experience and wide range of knowledge including information systems as a management executive and a consultant
  • *Shinsei Bank has submitted to the Tokyo Stock Exchange an independent director registration form identifying J. Christopher Flowers, Ernest M. Higa, Shigeru Kani, Jun Makihara and Ryuichi Tomimura as independent directors.

Summary of Executive Committee and Other Important Committees

Name Main Purpose
Executive Committee The President's decision-making body for day-to-day business execution
ALM Committee Negotiate, coordinate and make decisions concerning medium- and long-term Asset and Liability Management
Compliance Committee Discuss the bank-wide risk operation policy and management framework for the Bank's portfolios, and the Bank's approach to major portfolios, sectors, products and so forth
Risk Policy Committee Discuss the bank-wide risk operation policy and management framework for the Bank's portfolios, and the Bank's approach to major portfolios, sectors, products and so forth
Doubtful Debt Committee Promptly inform top management about significant bad debt exposure, and make decisions on write-offs and other matters concerning sale of debts, debt forgiveness, and so forth
SME Loan Committee Through discussions on the business policy and challenges for the entire institutional banking business, take initiative in bank-wide efforts to achieve SME loan goals set in the Revitalization Plan
IT Committee Discuss, coordinate and make decisions on matters concerning the Shinsei Bank Group's information technology systems
Business Continuity Management Committee Discuss, coordinate and make decisions concerning the organization of the business continuity structure throughout the Bank
Basel Committee Discuss, coordinate and make resolutions on matters concerning regulatory capital, with a focus on Basel regulations
Management Development Committee Discuss, coordinate and make decisions about the HR system, HR measures and so forth

Legal and Compliance Activities

Compliance Framework

The Bank's Compliance Committee, the Legal and Compliance Division, and Compliance Supervisors (General Managers) and Compliance Managers who are assigned in divisions, branches, and departments constitute the main elements of our compliance organization. The Compliance Committee, with our Chief of Staff as its chair, examines and discusses important compliance matters. On the other hand, the Legal and Compliance Division plans various measures concerning compliance risk and implements these measures through central management.

Compliance Activities

Every year, we create a compliance program which promotes the development of regulations and training programs. We place particular emphasis on the use of training sessions as a tool to ensure the proliferation of compliance awareness and conduct trainings such as the "Shinsei Bank Code of Conduct"—a basic policy for the Bank employees, voluntary training based on compliance risk of each division, branch, and department, and training for respective important compliance matters such as revisions of laws and regulations, on an ongoing basis. In addition to group training, we are also working to create an environment that maximizes the effectiveness of training by introducing active e-learning courses and regularly transmitting a "Short Lesson for Compliance" by e-mail, which summarizes compliance issues.

Legal Supervision

In order to mitigate these risks, Shinsei Bank has established a specialized section within its Legal and Compliance Division which presides over such legal affairs, including compliance with corporate and transactional laws, legal documentation and litigation supervision and through this specialized support, we aim to prevent and manage any legal risk.

Internal Audit

The Internal Audit Division (IAD) of the Bank reports directly to the CEO as well as to the Audit & Supervisory Board. The IAD supports the CEO in his responsibilities for controlling business execution, and in particular for establishing an effective system of internal controls. The IAD provides independent and objective assessments of the effectiveness of risk management, control and governance processes, the reliability of information and information technology systems, and compliance with statutory, legal and regulatory requirements as well as internal policy and procedure requirements of the Bank, and provides solutions to management. The IAD also maintains a close relationship with the Audit & Supervisory Board and provides them with internal audit-related information.

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