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Hideyuki Kudo

In order to be a financial group that stays a step ahead,

we continue to endeavor to maximize the Shinsei Bank Group's strengths and management resources to address unmet customer needs arising from social changes and further evolve the Group's unique business model.

Social Issues & Environmental Changes Surrounding the Financial Industry

Operating conditions surrounding financial institutions are changing in a period of sweeping change in a variety of social, economic and financial areas. In light of difficult earnings conditions in the traditional businesses and rapid technological development, the search for areas that can generate new customer value is an issue as well as an opportunity faced by the entire financial industry, and differentiation in business models is starting to arise from this trend.

Shinsei Bank Group Business Strategies and Strengths

Being in a unique position that differentiates it from both megabanks and regional banks, the Shinsei Bank Group leverages its technological strengths in both IT and finance to be first in identifying and meeting "unmet customer needs."

Management Infrastructure to Realize a Business Model That Is a Step Ahead

The ability to adapt to changing conditions is important for remaining a step ahead. As a means to identify business opportunities and meet social needs amid these changing conditions, the Shinsei Bank Group aims to identify methods for combining business functions not limited to particular business models as well as integrating personnel from different companies.

Capital Policies and Public Fund Repayment

Shinsei Bank continued to record profits in the fiscal year ended March 31, 2018 and, in turn, has made progress in accumulating capital. In addition to increasing profits and accumulating capital to repay public funds, we seek to receive the ongoing appreciation from capital markets by receiving high ratings for our business model, combining in a well-balanced manner rises in shareholder returns and fostering trust in our management approach.

Message to Our Stakeholders

The importance of financial functions that support corporate and individual activities is unlikely to change. Amid changes in society and customer needs, however, bank functions and approaches will likely change as financial functions are redefined more broadly. The Shinsei Bank Group will work to maximize shareholder value by deftly identifying these changes and, in turn, becoming a financial group that stays a step ahead.

July 2018
Hideyuki Kudo
Hideyuki Kudo
President and Chief Executive Officer

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