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Katsuya Kawashima

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your continued patronage.

As a banking group that continues to embrace new changes from a medium-to long-term perspective, the Shinsei Bank Group (?the Group?) strives to provide products and services that meet customer needs that are not met by existing financial services and is working to increase corporate value on a sustainable basis. In addition, we are accelerating open alliances with companies outside the Group in order to constantly create new added value without being constrained by the established concepts of the banking and finance industries, and we are focusing on providing innovative financial services.

In addition, the Group believes that human resources are the source of sustainable increases in corporate value. In order to maximize the value of our human resources, we will actively promote personnel exchanges between the two groups, and integrate the knowledge and other resources that each other possesses in order to trigger a new chemical reaction that contributes to the enhancement of combined corporate value. In addition, in order to realize sustainable management that contributes to the realization of a sustainable society and aims for the sustainable growth of the Group as a whole, it is essential to co-create value with all stakeholders, including customers, employees, shareholders and investors. We believe that constructive dialogue with our various stakeholders will lead to the enhancement of our corporate value over the medium to long term.

Since its founding, the SBI Group has always made its utmost efforts to earn the satisfaction and trust of its customers, based on the fundamental principle of "customer-centered policy." The Shinsei Bank Group is also working to create a system that precisely meets the diversifying needs of customers in line with social change. It is most important for the Group to work together to thoroughly implement a "customer-centric principle." Going forward, we will continue to meet the expectations of our stakeholders by providing services that truly incorporates the customer's perspective, while striving to achieve sustainable growth and maximize corporate value in order to fulfill the social role required of the Shinsei Bank Group.

February 2022
Katsuya Kawashima
President and Chief Executive Officer

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