Our Strengths

The Shinsei Bank Group possesses the competencies required to be able to differentiate itself in the following two areas. The Shinsei Bank Group will look to pursue its differentiation through efforts such as providing valued added services to customers in a customer centric manner, as well as providing convenience through cutting edge services which fully utilize our information technology capabilities.

Information Technology Retail Business Leveraging Scientific/Statistical Approaches

The first area includes businesses that utilize information technology and scientific and statistical methodologies. Examples of such businesses include our consumer finance and settlements businesses and businesses that utilize large amounts of transaction data such as multi-channel retail banking. The benefits of the information technologies and statistical methodologies used to process and analyze large amounts of data are most pronounced in smaller scale financial transactions with individual customers and small businesses. Due to this area also having a high affinity with new financial technologies, fully utilizing our information technology capabilities to provide cutting edge services which provide convenience is a highly viable method for achieving differentiation.

Financial Technology High Added Value Financial Services Made Possible Through Tailor-Made Services

The second area includes businesses that leverage financial technologies to deliver customized, value-added services to customers. The businesses fitting this description include institutional businesses such as structured finance, business succession and the businesses providing support for growing companies and business establishment as well as businesses serving retail customers such as asset management consulting services.

Pursuing Group Competitiveness and Competitive Advantages

Pursuing Group Competitiveness and Competitive Advantages

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