Hints to safe Internet banking - what we would like to request of our customers -
Here we introduce to you some hints for how to make the most of the convenience of our Shinsei Power Direct with comfort and assurance of safety.

Hints to safe logins and logouts

Hint 1

Change your password periodically

A message recommending a change of your PowerDirect password will be displayed every 90 days at the time of login. We encourage you to change it periodically for improved safety.
Hint 2

Use the security keyboard

The security keyboard allows our customers to enter their password through the virtual keyboard on the login screen. This function enhances safety, since customers can avoid leaving a keyboard log.
This function is also efficient in guarding against spyware which attempts to steal the password. We highly recommend the use of the security keyboard.
For further safety
There are numerous types of spyware. We recommend a mixed use of the security keyboard and the regular keyboard, rather than using the security keyboard alone. For example, use the security keyboard for PIN entry, and the regular keyboard for the password entry.
Hint 3

Check the last login time

When you log in the Shinsei PowerDirect, please check the "last login time" on the screen. If you do not recognize the last login time, please contact our Shinsei Power Call (0120-456-022).
Hint 4

Logout whenever you leave your computer

Please make sure you logout whenever you leave your computer. When you logout, please check the sessions summary report. If you find anything suspicious about the report, please contact Shinsei Power Call (0120-456-022) immediately.

Ways to enhance safety by option setting

Hint 5

Change your transaction limits

You can change the setting for daily limits for remittances and transfers for enhanced safety by accessing "Customer support" and "Set limit amounts."
Daily limits for various transactions
  Default setting
(for all customers)
The range of possible limits in Shinsei PowerDirect
Remittances and transfers ¥500,000 ¥0 - 2 million
Withdrawals from domestic ATMs, use of J-Debit ¥500,000 ¥0 - 2 million
* You can set the limits by increments of ¥10,000.
  • If you wish to set the daily limits in excess of the above amounts, please contact Shinsei Power Call (0120-456-022), or come to a branch.
  • When you call our Call Center, please do so from your registered telephone number. If you call from an unregistered telephone number, and if the number is withheld, we cannot accommodate your request; or, we may ask you some questions to confirm that your call is from a registered customer.
Hint 1

Set an address to receive e-mail alerts.

You can receive e-mail alerts of the following updates by designating an e-mail address in "Customer Support" and "Address for e-mail alerts." We encourage you to make use of this service for enhanced security.
  • Alert e-mail address is registered, changed or deleted
  • Unsuccessful domestic fund transfers (Transfer error)
  • ATM/J-Debit limits change
  • Domestic fund transfer limit change
  • Change in the transfer limit from PowerYokin to Yen savings deposit
  • PowerDirect password change
  • E-statement updated
  • Domestic ATM fund withdrawal
  • Money transfer (furikomi) via Shinsei PowerDirect (PC, Smartphone)
  • J-Debit use
* In case you receive an e-mail alert on your mobile phone, there are cases where some of the Japanese characters are not displayed properly. If this happens, we would like to ask you to use a computer address instead, or to read the English message below the Japanese message.
* Customers using a Japanese mobile phone overseas with an international roaming service:
If you wish to receive e-mail alerts in the mobile phone, please check in advance that your model is capable of receiving e-mail messages from Japan.

Related information

Contact us

If you lose your cash card, encounter theft, or find a remittance record through Shinsei PowerDirect which you do not recognize, please contact us at the following numbers immediately. (Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.)

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* Customers are asked to pay the international telephone charge.
* If your residence or car should be burglarized, there is a possibility that the magnetic data of your cash card has been copied even if the card is not stolen. If you are in doubt, please contact us any time, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Some of our financial products are subject to risk, including possible loss of the principal amount invested. Before purchasing any of our financial products please ensure you carefully read and understand the relevant product description in Japanese. The product description provides details of the risks, fees, and charges etc. that each product entails.