Foreign Currency Time Deposit

Deposit funds in 13 foreign currencies

Foreign Currency Deposit products may fall below the original amount in yen
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PowerFlex Foreign Currency Time Deposit

  • 13 foreign currencies available
  • Flexible maturity period (one month to five years)

Product Features

Interest Rate

Shinsei Platinum and Shinsei Gold have preferential interest rates.

According to market trends, campaigns, etc. in some instances, preferential interest rates may change or may not be applied.

Shinsei Step Up Program

Cancellation Prior to Maturity Date

In principle, cancellation prior to maturity date is not permitted.

Foreign Exchange Fees

Foreign exchange fees apply when depositing/withdrawing yen into/out foreign currency accounts.

  • If there is a dramatic increase in foreign currency exchange requests while markets are closed (i.e. weekends,
    holidays, etc.) or drastic market fluctuations, unconventional currency exchange fees may be applied.

Foreign Exchange fees

Acceptable Customer Risk Level

This product is recommended for customers with acceptable risk levels 2-5.

What is acceptable customer risk?

Application Information

Deposit Period 1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, 2 years, 3 years, 5 years
Not all periods are available for all deposits. Available deposit periods will be displayed when you make your deposit.
Deposit Method


  • If you are able to understand Japanese, you will be able to make this transaction at our contact center or at our branches.
Deposit Amount

More than 10 basic units of currency (e.g. USD 10.00) in increments of one subordinate currency unit (e.g. USD 0.01)

Available Currencies
  • US DollarUS Dollar
  • Pound SterlingPound Sterling
  • New Zealand DollarNew Zealand Dollar
  • Hong Kong DollarHong Kong Dollar
  • South-African RandSouth-African Rand
  • EuroEuro
  • Australian DollarAustralian Dollar
  • Canadian DollarCanadian Dollar
  • Singapore DollarSingapore Dollar
  • Norwegian KroneNorwegian Krone
  • Chinese YuanChinese Yuan
  • Brazilian RealBrazilian Real
  • Turkish LiraTurkish Lira
Maturity Automatic
Currency Received at Maturity Foreign currency
(same as original deposit)
Interest Payment Method Interest is paid in a lump sum at maturity Currency of Interest Foreign currency
(same as original deposit)
Principal Guarantee There is a risk of the loss of yen-denominated principal.
For details, please see here.
Deposit Insurance Not covered by deposit insurance.

Your original and interest amount will be deposited in the Foreign Currency Saving Deposit account in the same currency as original at Maturity. The interest rate for Foreign Currency Saving Deposit will be applied after Maturity.

Please note: When purchasing or selling foreign currency via Shinsei PowerDirect or Shinsei PowerCall(automated guidance), there is a maximum volume limit per single transaction. There is no daily maximum limit to the number of transactions you can make.

Transactions between Yen and Foreign Currency

  • Minimum amount of at least 1,000 yen
    * This is not limited to the settling out of foreign currency deposits by Shinsei PowerCall (operator).
  • For Shinsei PowerDirect and Shinsei PowerCall (automated voice), the maximum
    amount allowed is the equivalent of 5 million yen (or the equivalent of 2 million yen
    when foreign currency markets are closed). For Shinsei PowerCall (operator), there
    is no maximum amount.

Cross Currency Transactions

  • Minimum amount of at least 10 basic currency units
  • For Shinsei PowerDirect, the maximum amount is 30,000 basic units for US Dollars,
    Euros, and Canadian Dollars, 20,000 basic units for Pounds Sterling, and 50,000
    basic units for Australian Dollars and New Zealand Dollars. There is no maximum
    amount for Shinsei PowerCall (operator only).