Remittance Request Form

If you are a Business Customer, login to the GoRemit Online Remittance Service or use this form when transferring money.

If you have not yet registered for our Online Remittance Service, or are unable to login for whatever reason, remittance requests can be made by completing the below form and submitting it by FAX. Once you have input the necessary details, please click the "Confirmed" button to create a printable form. Please print and FAX the form to us. Once you have FAXed the form to us, please transfer the total amount in Yen to our collection account (You can confirm our collection account details in the "Registration Letter" included in your welcome pack). The FAX and funds must be sent to us by 3:00pm (12:00 midday for JPY remittances).

Using the below Remittance Request Form you can make request to 5 different beneficiaries. Should you wish to send to more than 5 beneficiaries at once, simply create a second form and transfer the total amount of both forms in a single domestic transfer.

For details, please contact us at 0120-227-503 (9:00am - 5:00pm Weekdays).

How to use the Remittance Request Form

The exchange rate is updated every business day around 10:00am and valid until 3:00pm the same business day. If funds are received after 3:00pm funds cannot be sent until the next business day.

As the exchange rate will change, a corrected form must be submitted, or the transfer cancelled. Please take extra care to ensure funds are received by the cut-off time.

how to use the remittance request form


Please enter your Business/Company name in English here.


Enter the BIC Code provided by GoRemit that corresponds to the account to which you wish to send funds.


Enter the Beneficiaryfs name (required to ensure the accuracy of the BIC Code).


Enter the amount in the registered foreign currency that you would like to send.

If you would like to pay any overseas bank charges, please add this to the foreign currency amount.


Select the currency registered for that beneficiary. The exchange rate will automatically be displayed.


The yen amount including the JPY2,000 GoRemit fee will automatically be calculated.

Yen-basis remittances are subject to an additional foreign exchnage charge of 0.1% of the amount sent (minimum charge of \1,500).


If you wish to send to multiple beneficiaries at once, repeat steps 1-5 for each additional beneficiary.


The total yen amount (including GoRemit's fees) for all beneficiaries will be displayed. This is the amount to be transferred to our collection account.


Once all information has been input, click the "Confirmed" button to create a printable PDF form. Please FAX this form to us and transfer the total yen amount to our collection account.

printable PDF form