Currency Calculator

Need to know how much to send? Calculate amounts with the current exchange rates and fees before you make your international money transfer.

Due to rounding conventions, occasionally the form may calculate a slightly different amount than the actual transaction amount at the time of remittance. For an accurate quote on any remittance amount please contact us on 0120-227-503.

The exchange rate is updated every business day around 10:00am and valid until 3:00pm the same business day. Money received after 3:00pm will be transacted the next business day at the applicable rate for that day.

For calculating the amount of JPY remittances, if you select "Amount of yen to remit", the amount shown will be the JPY amount after the comission fee is deducted. If you wish to know the comission fee amount to add to the amount you send us, please select "Amount of foreign currency to remit" and select the currency as "Japanese Yen (JPY)".