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Wiring money abroad? Find out why the GoRemit way is the best way.

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Smartphone remittance

Everything from registration to sending the money—with nothing more than a smartphone!

Smartphone remittance


Bilingual assistance

Bilingual assistance

Don't speak Japanese? Don't worry. Receive assistance in either Japanese or English over the phone, with our app, or online.

Bilingual assistance


170+ countries

Get your money where it needs to go with service spanning 170 plus countries using 12 different currencies.

Remittance made easy


Bilingual assistance

First remittance per month free of charge for Shinsei Platinum customers! *

* Applicable only to remittances withdrawn from a Shinsei PowerFlex Account via the GoRemit app.
For details and eligibility requirements of the Shinsei Step Up Program, please click here.

Bilingual assistance


Anywhere, anytime

We understand you're busy. That's why GoRemit lets you wire money from your smartphone without ever stepping into a bank.

Remittance made easy

How to send money overseas
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The GoRemit app

Download the free GoRemit app, and wire money overseas with added convenience. Click "Learn More" for more information on just how this app makes overseas remittance so much easier.

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