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Step-by-step guide on how to apply GoRemit - Overseas Money Transfers made easy.

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To use the GoRemit Shinsei Overseas Remittance Service, you are required to apply by post in advance. Depending on whether you wish to apply as an individual customer or a business customers, the application procedure is slightly different. Below is the procedure for applying as an individual customer.

Please note that the GoRemit service is available only to customers residing in Japan.

How to register

  • 1 Complete the application form
  • 2 Send the application form by mail
  • 3 Receive your welcome pack


Completing the application form

To create an application form online, please click the [Apply online] button below.

  • Once completed, an application form will be created with contents entered online. Please print it out and send the signed or sealed form with supporting documents by post.

When applying, you will be required to provide the beneficiary account information and set up your remittance limits.
Your remittance limit will be set after review by GoRemit. The limit set may be less than the amount applied for.

Confirmation for Overseas Remittances

  • If you are unable to print the form, please take note of the registration number displayed on the screen after application. Please call us (0120-227-503 weekdays from 9:00am - 5:00pm) and inform us of the registration number. We will print the application form send it to you at the address stated in the application form.


Send the application form by post

Please be sure to confirm the necessary documents are included with your application form before sending.

The Documents Required for Application

Shinsei Bank GoRemit

Meguro P.O. Box #25

Japan Post Group 153-8790

Please download the addressed and stamped envelope here(PDF).
(postage paid by receiver)

  • Please note that we do not return application forms or documents that have been submitted.


Receive your welcome pack

Your registration will be completed within approximately 7-10 business days after we receive your application form.
When all registration requirements have been satisfied, we will send you a Welcome Pack by unforwardable Restricted Delivery Mail Service (collection restricted to yourself).

Your welcome pack will include information on all beneficiary accounts that you have registered and instructions on how to use the service.

  • We cannot accept faxed applications.
  • Service registration cannot be completed until we receive the original, signed and dated application form together with clear photocopies of ID document(s).

If you wish to fill out an application form by hand, please confirm that you are not classified as a "foreign PEPs (Politically Exposed Person)" ("(1) An important public official of a foreign country", (2) A person formerly in category (1), or "(3) A family member of a person in category (1) or (2)"), and please download the Application form here.

(If you are classified as a "foreign PEP", please contact GoRemit customer service (0120-227-503) and follow the guidance on how to apply. )

Documents Required for Application (For Foreign Nationals)

Please check the following Documents Required for Application list (and confirmation points) and submit.

  • In addition to Identification documents, the Individual Number documents are required.
  • Applicants must be 20 years of age or older and currently reside in Japan.
  • Corrections to your name cannot be accepted. If you make a mistake, please complete a new form.
  • The address provided on the application form must be the same as on your ID documents.
  • The copy of your ID document must be clear and legible.
  • Please provide photocopies on an A4 sheet of paper. Please do not cut to a smaller size.
  • Please note that we do not return account application forms or identification documents that have been submitted.

For Foreign Nationals

Please submit the following documents.



  • Individual Number Documents
  • Residence Card(Copy) or Special Permanent Resident Certificate (Copy)




  • Individual Number Documents
  • Japanese drivers license (copy) or driving career certificate (copy)

Confirmation points of each document

AIndividual Number Documents

[Individual Number Card] (Copy of both sides)

  • An [Individual Number Card] is a card with an ID photograph in which My Number (the Individual Number) is shown.
  • Please copy both sides. The front side (name, address, date of birth, gender must be shown) and reverse side (individual Number must be shown).
  • Please ensure the document is not expired.
  • If there is a correction (change address etc) , please update information at your local city/ward office.

[Official transcript of Resident Record (juminhyo no utsushi)] or [Certificate of Registered Items on Resident Record] (an original copy)

  • Please provide an original copy issued within the past 6 months (photocopies not acceptable).
  • Please provide all pages including those showing the date of issue and issuer's seal.
  • Name, Address, Date of Birth, Gender, Period of Stay and Individual Number must be shown.

[Individual Number Notification] (Copy)

  • If your address is shown on the reverse side, please provide this side as well.
BIdentification documents(with a photo)

[Residence Card] (Copy) or [Special Permanent Resident Certificate] (Copy)

  • Please ensure the number on the upper right of the front side is clear.
  • Please copy both sides.
  • Please do not black out your nationality.

[Japanese drivers license] (copy) or [driving career certificate] (copy)

  • Please ensure the seal on the lower right of the front side is clear.
  • If new information is shown on the reverse side, please ensure the correction seal is clear.
  • Please black out sensitive information (conditions of license etc.)
  • Please do not black out other information.
  • issued date must be more than 6 months ago. We may contact you to confirm your residency.

Samples of Required Documents

Samples of Required Documents