How to login


Please keep the following items handy when logging in.

Please access our website and click "Login" button on the upper right or on the middle of the page.

Cash card

Your branch code and account number are shown on this card. If you opened your account via internet or post, the branch code will be 400 (Head Office).

Security code card

Alphanumeric characters are shown on this card. If you have not received or lost this card, please contact us for a new card.


4-digit number


  1. 1Input the branch code (3 digits) and account number (7 digits) shown on your cash card.
  2. 2Confirm if there is a check in the box.
  3. 3Input your PIN (4 digits).
  4. 4Input your PowerDirect Password.
  5. 5Click "Login"


  1. 6Input the three different corresponding letters or numeric characters on the Security code card.
  2. 7Click "Login"